July 25 2021 Eng.

Dear family, it is the first time that I am going to talk about this because after so many high frequencies (codes, that is Light, that cause activations and expansions) that we have been receiving the last 5 months without interruption, now it is much more likely that you feel it too. Today the Kp index is literally at “0” and the vibration in the Schumann Resonance is also at the lowest index (although a very short-duration disturbance appears on the graph, most likely caused by an alternate source). Although a few hours ago there was a small coronal mass ejection in the Sun, in general terms everything is calm, so calm that for that reason we feel like we are in a pause. 🙄

As we are getting used to vibrating at a higher frequency, when the stimulus is drastically reduced it is as if we were entering a period of «withdrawal» and then although the physical symptoms diminish considerably (although for some they do not disappear completely), we can reach feeling that everything lost consciousness, apathetic and even “deluded”. Imagine that you have been living in a constant party for the last 5 months and suddenly someone turns off the lights and disconnects the music, the feeling of «emptiness» can become very disconcerting. This is how we are now, as if the party had been interrupted without any warning. Although in effect it is a small break for the physical body (those who have physical symptoms at this time may be due to their own process), the truth is that the feeling of being again in a denser reality makes us feel «disappointed» without knowing exactly what is the origin of our disappointment. We can even come to feel that we no longer want to move on because nothing “seems” to have changed and because three-dimensional reality, and even the process itself, lost their “magic”. It is very likely that during these periods of «silence» (I mean the absence of significant solar activity) we feel that everything is false or that it is not worth continuing to do our part because almost nothing of what our Higher Self has shown us in dreams, information downloads and / or epiphanies, has come true and then we begin to think that we have invented everything, putting even our personal mission in doubt. 😏🤷‍♀️

Based on what I have observed of this process, I can assure you that you are giving our physical body a little respite because it surely follows a phase of greater intensity, so take advantage of the calm to do everything that you cannot do when tired , dizziness and headache prevent them from moving. Think of the Sun’s energy as the sea, just before a very large wave forms the water retracts, in the same way that whatever expands must first contract. 🌊

Regardless of the fact that most of the physical symptoms have diminished, the activation and expansion of the heart chakra continues its course because our heart will continue to expand and prepare to be able to conduct a greater amount of electromagnetic energy. The most common symptoms include palpitations, double heartbeat (extrasystoles), pain or discomfort in the middle of the ribs that reaches the back, feeling of not being able to breathe deeply (although they are doing so, it is only that when the energy vortex expands the air in the lungs it moves and it seems that we cannot fill them with air), heartburn, upset stomach, reflux, indigestion and nausea or a feeling of satiety. They are also likely to have some anxiety and / or restlessness, shaky hands, and hands and feet feeling colder than normal. If it helps, stretching works to give room to the heart chakra, also giving a gentle tapping with the fist or a massage doing “hmmmmm” for a few minutes because the vibration also helps the energy flow better. If you feel a mixture of despair and the urge to cry, do it or take the opportunity to sing, it is only the excess of energy in the heart. Everything is fine. 💗🪐


Credits to the author of the image.

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