July 26 2021 English

Dear all, how are you doing with this peak in the Schumann Resonance? This disturbance on the graph corresponds to the incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation from a couple of days ago. In addition to pain in the lower back, which some people feel as a tingling in the tailbone and not necessarily as pain, they are also likely to have intestinal inflammation, colic, constipation and / or diarrhea, heat, pain and / or burning in the feet, anxiety, pain in the muscles, in the legs, trembling or vibration in the whole body and also a headache that is different from that caused by solar activity. In addition to these symptoms, it is likely that you have dreamed of issues from your past that you believed were already healed and overcome, relationships that ended badly or were unfinished, with dirty bathrooms, scrambled sea and water, and also with previous incarnations, you literally know that it is you in the dream, but they see themselves with a different body and in another part of the world. This increased vibration can also cause earthquakes in different parts of the world and for us the sensation that the ground vibrates or that someone «rocks» us when we are lying down. 🦋🔥🌍

As the solar radiation index is back to «0», this disturbance in the Schumann Resonance will feel particularly strong for some of you because there is no energy that balances this jolt for the first three chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) and for the entire Nervous System. They are also likely to continue to have heart chakra activation symptoms as solar activity will continue to increase. Remember that all these physical discomforts are only temporary and that you will feel good again and be able to lead a more normal life. Drink lots of water, go out to the garden or go for a walk in the park, and if you have no way of doing it, hug a little plant because even that can help you. Crystals are also very helpful, but the most important thing is that you do not panic and be patient. This too shall pass. 🪐🔥💫

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

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