July 27 2021 English

Dear family, finally now we are under active Kp4 geomagnetic conditions (this means that the particles that we are receiving from the Sun do not reach the intensity of a geomagnetic storm, but that they still create a disturbance in the magnetosphere), although it is not really much, the point is that it was coupled with a class C solar flare that happened about 4 hours ago. We are also waiting for the solar plasma to arrive from another solar flare that occurred earlier in class B, so if space weather permits, we will have a significant increase in vibration at least until the weekend. 🔥☀️🔥

As I have mentioned before, increased geomagnetic activity and solar storms affect the higher chakras more significantly, from the Solar Plexus to the Crown chakra. In addition to that, they cause us a feeling of dizziness or of being in two dimensions at the same time and as a consequence we suffer lack of concentration, mental confusion and short-term memory failure because literally our consciousness is trying to decode the subtle frequencies that begin to perceive. In addition to these symptoms, they may begin to feel strange things in the head, burning of the skin and lips, irritated eyes, pressure and ringing in the ears, in addition to that those of us on the dark side of the Earth will have difficulty sleeping. In most cases, a slight increase in blood pressure (tension) is normal because the iron in our blood reacts to the increase in electromagnetic energy, in addition to our heart beating stronger although we cannot always perceive it. If the geomagnetic activity continues to increase, we will most likely begin to feel pain in the teeth, in the neck and in the sphenoid bone (the bone of the face), in addition to failures in electronic devices and in the internet signal. If they live in a place with a dry climate, it is also likely that everything gives them electric shocks (touches) and that they have a greater amount of static energy. Dreams with alien invasions, meteorites or fire falling from the sky will also be more frequent, in addition to allergies and intolerances to chemicals and foods that will only last a short time. Our senses will also become more sensitive than normal, with the exception of sight that goes from not being able to focus at all to seeing everything as if it were in high definition (particularly plants and trees). 🌵🌱🌻

This entire next week will be particularly significant in developing or increasing our telepathy so take advantage of it and use it consciously. Stay well hydrated, and do not be scared if suddenly you feel that your heart wants to leave your chest at times or that you cannot breathe deeply, I know I repeat it a lot but it is better not to forget that our heart is increasing its capacity To conduct a greater amount of electromagnetic energy that in our body is converted into an electrical impulse (that is, a heartbeat) so that they do not get scared and want to run to the emergency room without it being really necessary. 💞🪐✨

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

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