July 31 2021 English

Dear family, taking advantage of the fact that everything is relatively quiet, and I say «relatively» because the process became completely individual, there are those who are going through a moment of absolute darkness, feeling totally lost and with many physical symptoms (they literally feel that they are dying), but There are also those who no longer feel anything and although they also feel disconnected from everything, they are in a friendlier place, I am going to explain again why we are not all in the same place and there are people who apparently «do not feel anything» and are not living this process. Although, to tell the truth, I believe that many people simply do not say it, or do not give it as much importance because they attribute it to other causes (today more than ever there are two situations that can serve as an alibi) and that automatically keeps them in the three-dimensional reality. 🌎

Imagine that each of the shades of pink is a vibrational frequency, the third dimension, which like all the others represents a state of energy vibrating at a certain speed (we call it matter at this level) represents our physical world, everything that we can perceive through the 5 senses. The fourth dimension (4D) is an intermediate step between 3D and 5D (there are dimensions above 5, but there is no need to go into so much detail now) and this is the most difficult to sustain because it is the bridge where they collapse. both dimensions. It is just that intermediate step that causes us the feeling of «being and not being», where all the physical symptoms that bother us so much happen (remember that it is a vibration, not a place) because it is precisely in that vibration that the light begins to shine. enter the 3D body. We are in the frequency of the 4th dimension when we ask ourselves questions about our existence, our mission on this plane and our divine origin, in addition to that we can intuit that what we are feeling is of energetic and not physical origin. This is the «birth canal» where matter ceases to be matter but it is not just a vibrational wave yet (just consciousness). It is the most uncomfortable state, but also the most necessary because if we went from 3D to 5D vibration, the physical body would not resist it and our nervous system would collapse. 💥

If a metaphor serves you, imagine that you spent 3 days in complete darkness and suddenly you are thrown into the noon sun. For the physical body to resist, the light must be dosed. The time that they remain in this «bridge» depends on their own individual process, those who have more density, will have to stay longer in the 4D bridge, that is, yes, fighting physical, mental and emotional symptoms. This is so because the Higher Self (in 5D or more depending on the level of consciousness of each person, and the level of consciousness of each person is defined by their personal frequency, and their personal frequency is determined by their emotions) is «tightening» little by little so as not to hurt us. If you pay attention, you will realize that after 2 or 3 days of feeling that you are dying, the Higher Self loosens and the symptoms disappear for at least a few days. On the other hand, the personal frequency constantly changes throughout the day because as long as we continue to interact with the three-dimensional world, we will continue to have emotional triggers, that is why the process is not linear or definitive. 😆😞😭😠😇

The fifth dimension (5D) which is where «we are going» (I insist, it is not a place, it is a frequency, a way of being in the world) because no one can stop the evolutionary process of our Solar System, it is a vibration speed where everything that represents the material world will cease to be important, it is where we recover brain functions that we lost as a result of densification in matter (telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, etc.) and where the spirit acquires the greatest relevance. Imagine that you put an ice in a saucepan, that that ice is your physical body, that the fire in the stove is this increase in solar energy, that when the ice melts it ceased to be 3D and became liquid (4D) because the The next step is for the fire to keep burning until the liquid turns into gas (5D). The more they resist, the denser the ice and the fire will have to persist (physical, mental and emotional symptoms) until the transformation happens because the fire will not disappear (increase in solar activity). Fear of this process creates resistance and resistance densifies, so the best way to make physical, mental and emotional symptoms last less and less intense is precisely by integrating (anchoring) and being the light. 🔥💫🪐

If you visualize the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions as if they were the floors of a building, you will see that the people who are on the 3rd floor (who feel nothing at all) do not know what happens on the 5th floor, only those who They are on the 4th floor, they know what happens on the 3rd and 5th. The 4th dimension (that is, the 4th floor of the building) is partially compatible with the 3rd floor and the 5th floor, by which I mean that people who do not feel any of these symptoms do not have a compatible frequency to experience this entire process. That is also why it is important for them to remember that this process is individual and that each one «wakes up» (stops vibrating in the frequency of three-dimensional reality because it begins to question whether that is «all» there is) when it corresponds, not before , nor later, and it may be that from one day to the next you go from the 3rd floor to the 5th floor because of some traumatic experience (such as a near-death experience) or because the conditions in your three-dimensional life become unbearable. Everyone experiences their own process without delay and without fail, trust that the plan is perfect for everyone.


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