02 Aug 2021 English

Dear family, we are under active Kp4 geomagnetic conditions. Although it is not actually such a strong influence, it is joining with another of an incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation that we began to receive about 20 hours ago. In recent days, solar activity decreased considerably after all the coronal mass ejections that we had been having without interruption, so it is very likely that we will continue to have greater activity in the next few days until we reach the «Lion’s Gate» (8 / 8). 🦁🔥

As all this is coming together (the days before 8/8, the wave of Cosmic Radiation and this small geomagnetic activity) it is very likely that they are having very intense physical, mental and emotional sensations because, as the saying goes, this time it is not so much the hard, but the dense. When this happens, our entire physical body suffers from the increase in vibration (because they are codes with different frequencies) so most likely they feel that they are going crazy or they may be experiencing mood swings so extreme that they could feel that the circumstances of three-dimensional reality are over. for leaving them for the psychiatric. Confusion is also normal and not being clear about where we are going or what we are going for, in addition to dreams of being trapped in elevators or seeing yourself climb a ladder without knowing where you are going. On a physical level, our entire body feels uncomfortable, as if it does not belong to us or as if it is disintegrating, dizziness and loss of balance are also common. Excess hunger and thirst (or lack of hunger and rejection of food), generalized trembling or vibration in the body, a lot of fatigue that can be felt as muscle weakness, pain or discomfort in the teeth and jaw, and also strange sensations in the head and scalp. 🦋☀️🔥

I know that it seems that the information is always the same, and yes, in a way it is because it is an adaptation process that can last several years. It is also logical that they feel that «nothing changes» or that they are always «pure ailments» and yes, they are because our physical body is doing everything it can to adapt to a vibrational frequency that it was not used to. Stay well hydrated and assist your body as best you can by giving it what it asks of you, sleep as much as you can and do not get discouraged, this feeling that nothing has been worth it is also transitory. This too shall pass. 🪐💥


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