August 4 2021 English

Dear all, in the next few days we could be receiving a greater amount of solar plasma due to a coronal hole in the northern hemisphere of the face of the Sun that is directed towards the Earth, in addition to that we will be under the influence of the Lion’s Gate that occurs every year on August 8 and an opposition of Venus in Virgo with Neptune in Pisces very relevant for the moment we are living, in addition to a square between Saturn and Uranus. I almost never include planetary transits, not because they are not important, but because sometimes it is too much information that to some extent affects us individually depending on the Natal Chart of each person. If this time I am including planetary transits, it is because they add to the experience that we will be living until August 18. The opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces in a general way represents the dichotomy between Divine Love (represented by Neptune in Pisces) and Earthly Love (Venus in Virgo), obviously a quota of spiritual mysticism is included, but also the possibility to idealize relationships that have no future. On the other hand, the square between Uranus (in Taurus) and Saturn (in Aquarius) is the manifest conflict between maintaining the established world order (Saturn) or launching into change and personal and collective revolution (Uranus). To top it off, another full Moon in Aquarius (in the same sign as the previous one) on August 22, as if the Moon came to ‘finish’ what it started on July 23. 🪐🦁

Regardless of all these energetic influences, which may not have been so evident to many before, but now without a doubt are because collectively we have become more sensitive to energy in the form of a wave and not a particle, we are also experiencing a turning point in this Ascension process that we are experiencing. On the one hand, what we know as the 4th dimension (a state of vibration between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension) is ceasing to be available and with it many practices and concepts related to ‘spirituality’ that are ceasing to be valid. What we know as ‘spirituality’ or ‘spiritual practices’ were actually the intermediate step necessary to reach the point of recognizing our eternal union with the divine source (with God). Regardless of what practices, experiences, or people you stop feeling connected to (literally as if someone had flipped a switch), just let them go in peace and be thankful for the experience because their only function was to lead you to find God in you. So that this is not so disconcerting to you, imagine those spiritual practices, those experiences, those people as if they were the support wheels of a bicycle, it is not that they are losing them, it is that they no longer need them. In addition, surely you already realized how many times you are in the situation of having to make a decision in relation to almost everything in your life from July 22 and we will continue until August 18 when it ends. pass the influence of the Portal del León because this Portal del León is a kind of symbolic ‘Last Judgment’. 🦋💫🔥

Perhaps some of you have heard or read before that as part of this process there will be ‘two Earths’ one vibrating in the three-dimensional frequency and the other vibrating in its higher octave, which would be the frequency of the 5th dimension. Obviously, this is not about two physical planets in different places, what this refers to is that on the same planet that we inhabit, some will continue to live on Earth (3rd dimension) and others on Gaia (5th dimension), the difference between the two experiences of our planet is not one place, but two different ways of existing on it. This ‘Final Judgment’ is what is driving us to make decisions constantly because it is about choosing the frequency in which we want to live, and that is why the planetary aspects that I included at the beginning are significant. From July 22 to August 18th, we will be deciding the experience we want to have of the time that we remain incarnated in a physical body. The 4th dimension, the one that is no longer available, has already taught us who we are, now we have to choose what to do with it. And this is where the situation gets interesting because we can only choose two paths in any given situation: putting ourselves above our neighbor or putting our neighbor above ourselves. Those are the only two ways: either me, or the other (if you analyze every decision you have been making since July 22, you will realize that it is so: me or the other). In any situation, it is about making the highest decision, the one that vibrates in the frequency of unconditional love and love of neighbor. And this does not mean that we must always put the other before ourselves, this only means choosing the highest option because that will directly affect our own process and indirectly the collective process. Faced with these decisions, we have to assess the situation from the highest perspective, and the highest perspective will always be the one that implies the least suffering for any of the parties involved. For example, am I in a position to save the other person a day of suffering without causing harm (real harm, not discomfort) to myself? So, I choose my neighbor and save him a day of suffering by doing what is in my power to do for him / her without causing harm to myself. Am I in a situation where in order not to harm others, I have to harm myself? Then I choose myself. I know that put like this seems obvious, but it is not, until now by definition we have been conditioned to choose ourselves above everything and everyone (including New Age spirituality), without considering the suffering that we could be causing to others. others, or to which we are being indifferent. The frequency of the 5th dimension is incompatible with suffering, be it the suffering of any living sentient being and with that of Gaia collectively as a Whole. Choose well; even if you are unclear about the options before you, choose to ascend and ask to be allowed to see the highest choice in whatever situation arises. ✨🪐🔥

In relation to the physical body, we have a lot of activity in the area of the pit of the stomach (they may feel burning or even a hole in the stomach as if it were an open vortex), the heart chakra (palpitations, stitches in the ribs) and the head. We are adapting, everything is fine.


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