August 05 2021 English

Dear family, we are under the influence of a Cosmic Radiation wave with new codes (higher vibrational frequencies than we had been receiving before), in addition to that we continue to integrate the solar particles that we received in the last two days (we could have a Kp4 index for tomorrow) and we also have the effect on top of a major disturbance in the Schumann Resonance, so most likely we don’t even know in what «washing machine cycle» we are in anymore. 🦋🔥

The centrifugation is general, at the level of the physical body that still continues to free itself of the remains of density that remain and that are incompatible with the new vibrational frequency, so some must be having a lot of bowel movements, episodes of diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and gases; as well as pain in the lower back and pain and / or discomfort in the legs and hips. It is also very likely that we feel restless and with the imminent feeling that «something is about to happen», which can lead to anxiety attacks. As we are also integrating the solar plasma, we must add activity in the heart chakra (palpitations, double heartbeat, accelerated heart rate, burning in the pit of the stomach, discomfort in the chest and pain in the ribs), and in the upper chakras as well We may have discomfort in the throat, pain in the neck as if we had slept crooked, pressure in the ears, headache or strange sensations in it, pressure in the sinuses, inability to focus the vision and irritated or dry eyes. And as if that were not enough, the incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation with new codes can cause us the sensation of having the body out of temper, chills, discomfort in the body that seems to come from inside (from the bones), vibration or trembling, being in two dimensions at the same time, mental confusion and «electric» shocks that go through the body, different temperatures in the body, excess of thirst and fatigue, a lot of fatigue. As you can see, today we do have a bit of everything. Depending on which of all these influences you are better attuned to (by the state of your own process) is that your dreams will give you the key, if you dream of alien invasions, meteorites, fire rain or shooting stars then most likely you are integrating the solar plasma; if you dream of stairs, elevators, seeing the planets too close, two moons, two suns, some Ascended Master or spirit guide, receiving codes (either in the form of numbers or symbols that you cannot recognize) then you are tuning into the wave of incoming Cosmic Radiation; And if you dream of dirty toilets, things from your past, unhealed wounds, cataclysms, earthquakes and cave-ins, or losing all your teeth, then you are still shedding the remaining density (conditionings) and are feeling more of the effect of the increase in Schumann Resonance. 🌎🔥🪐💥🌊

I know that we are all exhausted and that we would like to feel good again because we have also had to adapt mentally and emotionally to all this, but the reality is that we cannot avoid it, nor run the other way, so the best way to live it is by trusting in the process and flowing without resistance. If you feel that your symptoms are very strong, please go to the doctor. Water and exposure to the Sun for 15 minutes helps a lot to better integrate all this energy that we are receiving. Everything is fine, this too will pass. 🦋🪐🔥


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