November 09 2021

Dear family, for about 8 hours we have been under the effect of a very strong wave of incoming Cosmic Radiation that has been increasing gradually. As I have already mentioned before, it is difficult to identify the origin of these waves of radiation because only the wave of energy reaches us. It may be that some of you have felt it in advance, and that you are even still having the effects of the geomagnetic storm of a few days ago, in addition to the fact that a few minutes ago the Sun generated an M class flare in an area that is not facing us, but it could have caused a sensation of pressure in your head. 🦋☀️🔥

About the incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation that reached us a few hours ago, it is very likely that you have felt your stomach «weird», whether you have felt that it was heated, that it burned or that it was «stirred» because these waves of Cosmic Radiation affect us mostly in the area between the Solar Plexus and the Heart chakra. In addition to that, they can also cause us a feeling that we are being centrifuged from the inside although the energy pressure feels as if it comes from the outside, so it is difficult to define where exactly we feel the pain or discomfort. It is very likely that you have also felt nervous, that you have had pain in your teeth, difficulty sleeping and with discomfort in the entire digestive system, but mainly the stomach and intestines (many of you may be going through an energetic purge due to the effect of the geomagnetic storm of past days and that may be causing you episodes of unexplained diarrhea or flu symptoms that are not flu). On the other hand, you may be feeling tired, with a general malaise on a physical level, but also emotional discomfort. I remind you that loss of consciousness, high fever, bleeding and swollen glands are not common symptoms of this process that we are experiencing. Any of those symptoms are already a physical warning reaction to a situation that requires attention. With Cosmic Radiation waves it is very effective to massage the areas that feel very active, and also to use cold water compresses. Try to be in contact with nature so that it serves you as a «protective shield» and you can integrate the energy in a kinder way. Drink plenty of water and remember that this too will pass. 🔥🪐


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