November 11 2021

Dear family, I would say happy 11:11 portal, but the truth is that this year this portal feels particularly different. I am not much into believing in date portals because they are not precisely aligned with anything other than the collective unconscious, in the end we were the ones who created a calendar, but I’m aware that during these portals a specific collective frequency is created simply because many people around the world tune in to a particular vibration and it has an effect on the collective vibrational frequency.🦋🔥

As you may have noticed, this portal, for me at least – and I know for many others- is having a radical effect to say the least. The truth is that I had already been feeling that Carta Astral’s mission and my mission as a Wayshower for the collective in this process had been fulfilled, but I resisted assuming it like that because Carta Astral has been everything to me during these last 3 years. After everything that has been happening to me on a personal level and with Facebook, I understood that no matter how much I resist, the Universe is taking care of «forcing» me to release what has already fulfilled its mission and is no longer aligned with what is coming, (I’m talking specifically about Facebook, I’ll still be here and on Patreon all November and December). The truth is that I feel this is related to the proximity of that huge solar flare that we are waiting for. I am in contact with a person who is dedicated to analyzing space weather in a professional way, she is a Physicist and is a professor at a university in California, and who keeps me updated in relation to solar activity that could indicate an activity coinciding with that of the Carrington Event that happened in 1859. We are approaching the maximum of Solar Activity in cycle # 25, the pressure is increasing, and the probability of something like this happening is growing, although keep in mind that it is only a probability. 🔥☀️💥

These last two days have felt like a «pressure cooker», in addition to the amount of energy that is entering the Earth, the Cosmic Radiation has also been increasing. So you may have had difficulty sleeping, restlessness, a need to change something radically and to find your true place in the world even though everything seems “strange and meaningless”, it is like when we are in a plane about to take off and we need to find our seat as soon as possible to «settle in.» On a physical level, you may be having pain or pressure in the head and ears, trembling or vibration in the body, itching or irritation of the skin, occasional dizziness and heat for moments in different parts of the body as if an ember were heating up inside and after a couple of minutes it cools down, episodes of diarrhea or constipation, in addition to a considerable excess of gas. You may also be feeling pain or tension in the back of the neck, very tired, and as if you were constantly on alert. It may also be that the number of flashes you see when you close your eyes at night has increased and the sensation that you are falling into the void before you fall asleep (this happens because the nervous system is “discharged” of the extra electricity) happens more often. You may also feel fear of sleeping because you are afraid of not waking up the next morning. The feeling that «something big is coming» was intensified in all of us, and the sensitivity of our electromagnetic field has increased considerably. The pieces begin to fall into place, and everything is acquiring a higher meaning. Trust the greater plan, do not resist and do not try to understand everything with the three-dimensional rational mind. We will be fine. 🔥🌎🦋


#Ascension #FifthDimension

Credits to the author of the image.

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