November 13 2021

Dear family, yes, I do know that this energy that we have been receiving in the last few days has felt “overwhelming”, and not only that, it also has the quality of being chaotic. I do not know about you, but I feel in the middle of a tornado although the exterior seems to be suspended in the middle of an uncomfortable, but at the same time necessary silence. The most interesting thing is that there are days when I feel as if I am living the life I had at 19 because everything «feels» the way it felt back then, sometimes it is 26, other times it is my childhood, it seems like if all versions of myself were being integrated in this incarnation and also in all dimensions. I don’t know how to explain this experience, but I know that many of you are going though it as well. Our physical body is going through such an intense and profound recalibration to be able to physically embody all these versions of us in different timelines that at times it feels as if it is going to collapse, plus we can’t do much to get back on track because we do not have energy for it. At this moment, it is about to completely let go of everything with the total confidence that all the pieces, of ourselves and of the three-dimensional reality, will fall into place when this stage of the process finally ends. 🦋☀🔥

On a physical level, it is very likely that you are feeling stabbing pains in different parts of the body that last only a few moments and then disappear, but this time they have the characteristic that it seems that instead of driving nails into our body they are taking them out with the memory (conditioning) associated to them. You could also feel your body electrified and even recognize the short electrical discharges in the muscles, pressure in the temples (almost constantly) and pain or pressure in the ears (in addition to the characteristic buzzing or hearing tones in a morse key), for some reason this time the ears are taking it all in so it is likely that you may also have itching inside the ears, fluid or even an infection or pain in the eardrums. On an emotional and mental level everything is mixed up (even in our dreams), because it is as if we are re-experiencing all our personal history mixed with previous incarnations and resonances of our futures at the same time, I could give you many examples, but I think the best way to describe it is like absolute Chaos, everything is stirring in the present moment because what follows requires us to be in a pure state, in a kind of «zero point», so that we are able to activate all of our multidimensional habilities. All the versions of ourselves that we created and that served us to adapt to the circumstances and experiences of three-dimensional reality (the obedient child, the submissive wife, the ambitious professional, etc.), are collapsing to disintegrate. And, as it says in the Kybalion, «as it is within, so without, as above, so below», we collapse and the three-dimensional reality also collapses, making way for the Chaos from which we can begin to create a New Order. Do not take the word ‘collapse’ as something tragic or threatening (I know it sounds intimidating), in the end the total destruction of structures always brings a new beginning. You have to be willing to let go of everything, to win everything. 🌎💥

We have been in moments like this before, but this time it is much more definitive and transcendent because returning to the source (that is, being able to embody and sustain the frequency of unconditional love that would be the equivalent of the white ray of the Sun) can only be possible if we go back to NOTHING. It is an absolute death of the ego to stop feeling the need to have an idea of ​​ourselves that allows us to define ourselves as «someone» in this three-dimensional reality. And it is a difficult test, perhaps the most difficult of all: to be nothing and no one, for nothing and no one. No matter how difficult it all seems right now, remember that it is always temporary and that you are not going crazy. Do not be afraid of uncertainty, nor of «negative» emotions, do not think that you are doing everything wrong or that you are stuck in a swamp without being able to see the light because that swamp in which you are stuck right now is only pushing you to remember that you ARE the Light. ✨🪐

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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