November 15 2021

Dear family, we are currently under active geomagnetic conditions Kp4, but the truth is that I do not think it will remain stable for long, although Kp4 is forecast for today and tomorrow. You could be having some associated symptoms such as headache, difficulty focusing your vision, and ringing in the ears, as well as some “background noise” as if there is static energy in the environment. But, that is not really important, since yesterday we are also under the effect of an incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation, one of those that «turn up the volume» in a general way and not one of those that act as a laser beam (and that normally interfere with solar winds), the effects of that wave of Cosmic Radiation are more significant than this slight increase in the Kp index that caused by a solar wind expulsion in the past days. 🔥🦋

The combination of this high frequency wave of Cosmic Radiation and these active geomagnetic conditions raises our vibration so drastically that we experience a shift in our personal frequency only as an effect of receiving these incoming energies. What happens is that in addition to experiencing the sensation of being drugged or dizzy and in two dimensions at the same time, we again feel connected to what we have always known to be our Destiny and our personal Mission, in case it is the moment of allowing ourselves to be redirected by our Higher Self in another direction, the path becomes clear and the next step is shown to us so that we can make sense again in this three-dimensional reality. Hunger attacks are also common when we are under the effect of a Cosmic Radiation wave because our body seeks to balance the mass it loses and because the exchange between denser molecules and light particles consumes energy. It is also due to this process of subatomic exchange that we can feel a sudden tiredness when this frequency reaches us individually, general discomfort or pain in the body as if we had done a lot of exercise the day before, in addition to changes in temperature, partial chills (or goosebumps) and seeing auras of light and perceiving light as more intense. You may also have a greater intolerance to loud noises (at some point in my own process I did not tolerate the sound of my own voice), irritability, and a desire to isolate from the world.🪐👽

As we integrate these higher frequencies into our physical body, we will experience different physical sensations that could be inexplicable, but that last only a few minutes as the code is activated (the code is a specific vibrational frequency that is closer to our divine origin in hertz than to our three-dimensional human nature), once the code is activated then we can remember an aspect of ourselves that was “hidden” (and forgotten) behind some conditioning that prevented us from seeing clearly who we really are. What is happening now is that three-dimensional reality is collapsing and causing Chaos as we ascend to a higher vibrational frequency. This is also why this step in the process is so exhausting, we go from one extreme to the other and complete one phase and then the other, without having time to recover from the previous one. Rest as much as you can, drink plenty of water, and don’t get carried away by appearances of three-dimensional reality. What appears to be in 3D reality is not and will not be. The only effective way to discern between what appears to be and what IS, is by closing our senses to three-dimensional reality and feeling the Truth within our Higher Heart (ours and the collective). Everything is fine, the plan is perfect. 🔥🪐🔥


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Credits to the author of the image.

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