November 18 2021

Dear family, this post is about the state of the collective process that we are experiencing but from a perspective closer to human experience than to the effect of solar particles on our physical body because at this moment the emotional and mental effect is more important, although the physical continues to intensify. A few days ago, Amanda Lorence shared something that I found interesting because it is the same thing that I had also been intuiting, but since I have also been living my own roller coaster, I think she knew how to put it into words better than I:

Consider 10-20 November a type of PERSONAL CRESCENDO. A Collective boiling point. Brought about by the LIGHT CODES from the Sun, entering our COLLECTIVE ENERGY FIELD on Mother Earth. Each will experience it differently. Some will EXIT, some (more) will AWAKEN, some will struggle to see the Light, struggle in polarity perceptions, others may seemingly lose more mental balance, whilst others will expand through seeing the higher layers of truth, hidden in plain sight from the personality mode of ‘sight’, but visible at higher layers of perspective and consciousness, ACCESSED via the heart…by being LOVE ENERGY AND Love ENERGISED to yourself and to ALL others, all things.

In the last few days I have seen many people struggling with their own and collective polarity that are actually one and the same. The big question at this moment, which will also define your future experience in multidimensional material reality, is this: despite all that you have lived, suffered or even lost, do you still choose Unconditional Love? And the answer must still be «YES». Those who have always lived through unconditional love and love of others are «feeling» (in reality they do not feel it, they have the perception that they feel it because the rational mind continues to seek to perpetuate personal security through the ego) that they have always been used by others, that everything they have given or done has been of no use because they «feel empty» and meaningless and this makes them believe that «they should not continue to be like this» and that the best thing for them is to put themselves first, never give anything again, love with boundaries and lose faith in others. This is the greatest test of faith for Lightworkers right now and we cannot, and must not, give up now no matter what we have lost, the times that others have betrayed our trust or taken advantage of us. Our task, what we came here to do is to bring unconditional love back to the dimension where polarity fragmented everything. The fight is internal and the decision you make will be decisive: do you choose to RISE, shake your «wings» and bet once (and a thousand times) more for Unconditional Love so you love your neighbor as yourself (no one ever said «before you”or “after you”) or do you choose to protect yourself and keep perpetuating polarity and division? The answer must remain Unconditional Love above ALL even though right now we feel like we want to send everything to hell and let the world roll and get lost in the dark. A heart that remains open and trusting, willing to sustain the highest vibration despite pain and loss, is an invincible heart capable of supporting the entire Universe passing through it. 💜🔥💫✨


PS: for those who are concerned about their physical symptoms, due to the integration of all the energy that we received in past days and the Timeline shift, it is very likely that you feel occasionally dizzy or as if you do not know where you are or what you were doing. You may also feel that time passes too fast or too slow, that you «lose» objects (that is, something that was not in a place suddenly appears or what you thought you saw there disappears), pain in the temples, and in the back of the neck, perceive colored orbits, perceiving electrical energy and static energy, in addition to increased sensitivity in all senses and a feeling that «something is happening» inside your body but being unable to define what it is.

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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