November 22 2021

Dear family, I already know what happened and what we have been feeling for the last 48 hours. If I could not recognize it at first, it is because it was the first time I felt something like this, that is why I also asked you to write in the comments what you were feeling. If you read the comments in the previous post you will realize that it is the first time that so many people felt exactly the same and at the same time or in a period of no more than 4 hours. At first I thought it was a very strong incoming Cosmic Radiation wave because it was not of solar origin and because someone else commented that it was a plasma influx. Regardless of the fact that a wave of Cosmic Radiation may have arrived at dawn on the 21st (and that is why many of us had a strange headache, as well as pain in the back and increased activity in the heart chakra), in reality what happened was a jump in the collective timeline, in short we finally turned the ship around (look for a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean in which Jack Sparrow understands that «at the end of the world, up must be down» and he makes them all rock the boat until it ends upside down, pay close attention and you will see that when the sun sets, the sun «explodes» and produces a green flash 🙃).

Finally Gaia reached her next octave – that is, vibrates at a higher frequency – and what we felt these last 48 hours was the resonance of the anchoring of this frequency in three-dimensional reality. Although our eyes may not be able to see it, not even the chair you are sitting in now is the same chair it was last week (that’s why sometimes furniture and things creak). Nothing that does not vibrate at this frequency will be able to maintain itself in the multidimensional material reality (it is no longer in itself a three-dimensional reality as we knew it before) and it is in this higher vibrational frequency that the solar flare that we are waiting for («The Event «) may be possible without causing us any harm. If you have difficulties for your rational mind to understand this, remember that there is nothing else in the Universe than Energy, Frequency and Vibration: that is, energy propagating at a specific frequency thus creating a vibration. The multidimensional material reality in which we live now already has a different frequency and vibrates at a higher speed although for our physical senses it is impossible to perceive (our heart knows it, our nervous system knows it too) and that causes us to have a hard time believing it. In these last 48 hours, the collective timeline has changed and that is why many of us felt «shortness of breath» like when we are taking off in an airplane, dizziness, the sensation of being in two places at the same time, dullness, confusion, melancholy or sadness as if we had definitely lost something, ringing and strange sensations in the ears, we feel «strange» without being able to explain why, in addition to anxiety and / or despair. That anxiety or «sense of urgency» has to do with the fact that we felt that we had to do something transcendent and that «something transcendent» was to definitely leave a version of ourselves behind to be able to embody this new frequency and live in it. Many people are leaving this plane (they chose that way), others are suddenly waking up and that is where those of us who already have the full context come in, it is not really necessary to say anything to them, just make sure to maintain the correct frequency so that they do not pass it so bad for not being able to understand what they are experiencing (they also chose it that way, but then they chose to be assisted in order to understand so the best you can do is to share this information with them like if it were the most natural thing in the world because it really is). Remember to always honor the process of others and respect what they have chosen, when they need the answers they will undoubtedly ask for them because for them this shift will be so intense that they will feel that it is a «matter of life and death»; you must help them but without intervening against their will or what they are capable of process. 🦋🔥

Take into account that you may not be immediately aware of the change in the multidimensional material reality because the laws of physics are not the same as those of energy in wave form, but eventually this new vibrational frequency will materialize also in the world around us. Drink water, have faith and prepare to see and experience in the multidimensional material world what you thought was highly unlikely. The year 2022 (2:22 ha!) is the threshold of this New Age in the history of Humanity. Ready? 🦋🌎🔥

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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