November 24 2021

Wheeeeeew! Dear family, as surely you have already realized: this does not stop, and it is actually increasing in intensity so it is best to flow with the process without resistance and do what you can to stay calm. What we are going through right now: dizziness, feeling that we are going to fly away or that we are going to pass out at any moment, excessive hunger, pressure in the Crown and in the Third Eye, euphoria in the heart and palpitations or double heartbeat, nerves in the stomach, trembling or vibration in the whole body, cold feet and hands, blurred vision or inability to focus, urge to scream and / or cry because the emotion does not fit in the chest even though we also feel some fear (it is normal, it is something big, very big in terms of vibration and it surpasses us), in addition to experiencing two timelines at the same time (we are not living them with the physical body but we are feeling them inside, both true although only one True) is the effect of a Cosmic Radiation incoming wave amplified by a coronal mass ejection in the Sun that happened a few hours ago.

Those who have a uterus and ovaries could also be feeling pain and contractions, light bleeding outside their period and pain in the lower back as if you were going to give birth because these organs are very sensitive to lunar energy and after the eclipse of 3 and a half hours it is normal that you are still feeling that. It is also possible that you are feeling pulsations like a morse key in different organs of the body. There are going to be thousands of people feeling all this for the first time without knowing what is happening to them, and many will think that they are going crazy because the rational mind will not be able to handle everything at once, so we must be vigilant to help those who need it. Always try to only share reliable information and avoid assumptions or theories that can cause panic, keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with this topic, but they will feel it and they will need answers. Drink a lot of water and electrolytes if you can do it safely (that is, only without any health impediment), if you feel that your symptoms are too strong, please do not hesitate to go to the doctor, it is always better to be sure that everything is fine regardless of whether or not you decide to take the treatment. Those who are in the «Twin Flames» template are surely feeling all this amplified, resist and remember that we volunteered exactly for this. 🔥🪐🔥

Although I am not doing personal Tarot readings for now (until January 2022), what I will be doing are individual sessions through Zoom to help those who feel they require it to better understand their process, but remember that each of You already have the complete script of your own individual process, I could only give you information that I have been acquiring through my own experience and what I had to learn in order to understand it without feeling that I was totally bonkers. In the first comment I’ll leave more information for those who want to make an appointment and also the link to the Pirates of the Caribbean scene where the ship’s reference is. All of this feels very strong right now but remember that if we are living it now and if we are living it so many, it is because we are ready for what is to come. This too shall pass. ✨✨✨

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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