November 27 2021

Dear family, for more or less 18 hours we have been under the effect of a wave of incoming Cosmic Radiation (its origin is most likely a Supernova that happened somewhere in the Universe perhaps a few hundred or thousands of years ago, a wave of energy in waveform travels through space and becomes stronger or dissipated depending on what it encounters in its path), which is causing us excessive tiredness, a feeling of weakness or numbness in the arms and legs (we can also feel as if were not ours or as if they did not respond), pressure in the head, multiple sensations in the throat (tingling, itching, inflammation, heat, difficulty swallowing), pressure in the sinuses and the bone of the face, pain in all teeth or only on the right side of the head, tension in the neck, dry nose and eyes, strange sensations in the palate and tongue (you may even feel that you speak in slow motion or that your tongue does not respond as usual, it may also feel inflamed, with burning or very sensitive) activity in the thymus gland and in the heart chakra. It is also predicted that a coronal mass ejection from the Sun will reach the Earth between today and tomorrow causing active geomagnetic conditions Kp4, but I think it will probably reach a geomagnetic storm Kp5 due to the impulse that a solar wind gust will give it, if at all this wave of Cosmic Radiation does not cause it to deviate. If it does not deviate then we will have a somewhat hectic weekend with a sustained higher vibrational frequency for at least the next 48 hours. 🪐🔥

As it is going to be a combined effect again, it is important that you do not panic and remain calm if at any point you feel that you are disconnected from reality (you can simply fall asleep instantly for a few minutes, or simply experience reality as if you were not in it), you should also be careful when driving because by fixing your attention on one point (driving or not driving) it is easier to enter a trance state spontaneously, so if you don’t feel totally IN your body and sure you can do it, it would be better to avoid driving. You may also have a high sensitivity to light, an intolerance to noise, an increased sensitivity to odors and the energy passing through your body. I am going to leave you in the comments the link to a video of a musical group called Tool only so that you can see it from minute 08:00 because that is the most exact graphic representation of this process that we are experiencing at a physical level, although the end of the video represents our multidimensionality (being able to SEE with the electromagnetic field that our own heart generates). Forthose reading this through the blog, please find Tool’s video called «Parabol» on YouTube. All of this has been preparing us, despite of being conscious or not, to be able to embody a higher vibrational frequency without our physical body short-circuiting in the process. The intensity is increasing and is going to be sustained, we are the ones who must adapt avoiding putting up resistance and ceasing to resonate with emotions incompatible with this higher frequency and giving the body what it asks as much as possible because our body has its own intelligence to adapt to environmental conditions, not only physically, but also energetically, let’s try not to interfere with this process. Epsom salts are a good option to balance the minerals in the body and thus facilitate this process, those who do not have the chance of soaking into a bathtub with dissolved Epsom salts at least try to soak your feet. Be patient, very patient and confident, we are going through the «wormhole» and everything is magnifying, but we will be fine. 🦋🔥✨

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

Credits to the author of the image.

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