November 29 2021

Oh my gooooooood! Who is already feeling this incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation? This one started quite strong so surely those of us who should be sleeping will have insomnia or difficulty sleeping, it is also likely that you have felt as if «a weight» fell on you unexpectedly, very sleepy, burning or dry eyes and mouth, anxiety and / or despair for a few minutes, palpitations, dizziness and burning in the stomach. After that first impact passes (each person will feel it individually, not necessarily at the same time) you may feel pressure in the temples and forehead, pain or tension in the neck and the sensation of being under the influence of some drug. You may also have something strange going on with your right eyelid (it sticks, twitches more slowly, has a tic or palpitations), difficulty focusing well, chills or goose bumps on the thighs, hips or arms. 🦋✨🪐

Drink lots of water (because it will also increase your need to pee) and lie down for a few minutes if necessary, there are waves of Radiation so strong that they cause us to want to immediately lay down in a horizontal position. As the energy «descends» through your physical body you may also feel something in the palate (stitches of pain that last seconds, tingling or heat) and nausea but in the throat, like when they are caused by coughing and not by an upset stomach, because it is just a muscular reflex of the esophagus and trachea, so maybe this will finally take away the feeling of having something stuck or of not being able to swallow well. If you feel very uncomfortable take a bath with lukewarm water. This too shall pass. 🔥🪐

~ Alice ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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