November 30 2021

Dear family, currently (for about 2 hours) we are under Kp5 geomagnetic storm conditions that honestly no one knows where it came from, although I think it is the coronal mass ejection that was slowed down by the very low speed solar wind, that is, the Kp4 index that was forecast for Saturday and Sunday suddenly became Kp5 for today. Regardless of this, to the symptoms and physical sensations that yesterday’s incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation had been causing, now we have to add the effects we may experience from a geomagnetic storm. As a result of the combined effect, we must add pain in the teeth and gums, great thirst or a feeling of hangover, activity in the heart chakra (palpitations, double heartbeat, flutter, momentary accelerated pulse), also a slight increase in blood pressure, activity in the Solar Plexus (indigestion, lack of appetite or excess hunger, heartburn), and also the»wings ache» or pain under the ribs that radiates to the back between the shoulder blades. Those who are still in the process of density purging (purification) are likely to be bloated and full of gas, may have cramps and episodes of diarrhea without cause. ☀️🔥🦋

The plan is being fulfilled and this is what we came for. Everything is fine although sometimes we feel that our physical body will not bear it (it will bear it, in fact it has a capacity to adapt that we are not able to imagine). Do not resist the excess of emotional sensitivity either, cry all you need and want, we are tired and also moved because we already collectively know where we are heading to and the reality that we are creating through the frequency of unconditional love. 🌎🌈

So just have patience, drink water and rest.

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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