December 01 2021

Wohoooooooo! raise your hands who are already feeling the effects of heart chakra activation. 💖 🙋‍♀️

It is very likely that this activation is anticipating a geomagnetic storm in the next two days. Also a few hours ago we received a wave of quite strong incoming energies, and although you may be feeling a lot of activity throughout the body such as pain in different parts of the body that last a few seconds and that cannot be related to each other, in addition to burning, itching , tingling, chills or an electric current that passes through the whole body but does not last more than a few seconds and changes places (nobody has your voodoo doll). For those who are new and are not familiar with the symptoms of a heart chakra activation (our heart «prepares» to conduct a greater amount of energy transformed into an electrical impulse), this is a detailed list of what you may feel: palpitations, fast pulse (beats in the throat and ears as well), tachycardia (slight and transient), double heartbeat, fluttering in the chest, pain in the last two lower ribs, burning and / or pain in the the stomach, heat and / or burning in the middle of the ribs that radiates to the arms and hands; feeling that you cannot breathe deeply (yes you can, it is just the sensation that causes the activation and acceleration of this chakra), some people may feel it as satiety or the sensation of «being full». In addition, you may also feel that «your heart does not fit in your chest», an emotional overflow that manifests as a great desire to cry, scream or an excess of unconditional love that comes out of nowhere and as it comes it goes. 🥰 💕

It is important that you take into account that the symptoms of a the heart chakra activation last a very short time, if you do not panic and remain calm, they will pass quickly. Important clarification: if you feel that your symptoms are very strong, are intensifying or reach the point of losing consciousness or fainting, you should seek immediate medical help. Please do not put yourself at risk 🙏 all the symptoms that this process can cause are tolerable (although sometimes they feel very strong) and do not increase in intensity, they arrive suddenly and disappear inexplicably too. Drink water, give yourself a relaxing massage, and trust that this too shall pass. 🦋

~ Alicia ~ 💖💜

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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