December 03 2021

Dear family, it has been a long time since I shared a Schumann Resonance graph with you because with so much increase in the higher frequencies, we were not always in the compatible frequency range and then we tuned to the higher frequency. To make it easier to understand: imagine that there are two radio frequencies, the one that sounds louder becomes dominant and magnetizes us towards it making the other «disappear» and is more difficult to tune. Although this disturbance on the graph is not that significant, it is very likely that you are feeling it because the higher frequency dropped a bit in intensity. 🔥🌎

As these frequencies are more compatible with our lower chakras (regardless of whether our general vibrational frequency is only one, each organ, gland, muscle and bone has a particular frequency simply because some parts of our body, such as bones, are denser than muscles for example). If you are in the compatible rate then you could be experiencing pain, warmth, numbness or «tingles» in the lower back (at the tailbone), pain or heat in the soles of the feet and calves, pain in the hip as if you had something crossed from side to side, weakness and a lot of tiredness in the legs, increased activity in the intestines (noise, gas, spasms), pain in the ovaries and in the uterus (who have them), hemorrhoids, burning or heat in the genitalia, spontaneous orgasms, increased need to urinate, intermittent muscle aches and headaches. Except for the headache, everything happens in the lower half of our body. You are also likely to feel that the floor is sinking or that it has an invisible mattress (it is the Earth’s magnetic field), that the floor vibrates or ripples, and you may have a little trouble measuring the space (you throw things without realizing it, hit yourself against things etc). Time feels «slower» and it is common to dream of dirty bathrooms, that all your teeth fall out, that you are lost in dark places looking for a way out, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. As our nervous system is the one that conducts this vibration (it enters through the soles of the feet), it is normal to have anxiety attacks and to feel trembling or vibration in the lower parts of our body, in addition to that all this intensifies if we are lying down or with the feet off the floor. 🌪🌎💥

If you are feeling it very strongly, «ground yourself» by walking barefoot, stay in contact with nature, put your feet in a bathtub with water and Epsom salts, or at least close the circuit by keeping the soles of your feet together (facing each other). For anxiety, only breathing works, trying to remain calm as much as possible and be aware that it is only energy (normally the conscious mind interprets these frequencies as a threat of imminent danger). Move your energy, try to do some exercise, dance or do yoga. This too shall pass. 🦋🔥🌎


PS: for those who have been asking me in the comments (I read everything unless FB hides it, I do not answer or put reactions so that they do not mark me as Spam), children and animals are also going through all this because as well as everything that exists in the Solar System, the difference only lies in the base frequency of each living being and that is why animals and children have less strong symptoms (because there is not so much density in them, their heart has less conditioning) but they still feel that something is changing. Everything that inhabits the planet is transforming because the Sun is there for everyone, although not everyone is aware of what is happening because they interpret it differently.

#Ascension #FifthDimension

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