December 05 2021

Dear family, what you are feeling now (and which may well have started for some since yesterday or a few days ago depending on your own personal process), is the alignment of the different timelines into one and the reconnection with those who are part of your cosmic family. In the physical body this feels like a dizzy sensation like when we get off a moving ship, heat and pulsations in the Solar Plexus and Heart chakra as if you are receiving a morse code (you may feel a hole in the stomach as if it had a vortex inside and stitches in the last two ribs as if someone were pressing buttons), ringing in the ear or intermittent ringing, tingling or numbness in the Third Eye, and the sensation that your head is hollow or inflated like a balloon (It is not pain or burning or anything that is physical). In some cases you may even feel that you lose your balance, or that the floor has a different slope than what the view perceives. We are aligning ourselves with our cosmic Truth after having deactivated our conditionings and we are preparing to create a new multidimensional material reality out of that Truth. ✨💫

Each of us has 3 families: the blood family, which is the one we choose to condition us (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.), the chosen family, who are our friends, partners and occasionally bosses or authority figures and who help us to identify outside of ourselves the conditioning imposed by the blood family so that we can remember who we really are, and the cosmic family with which we can only coincide on this plane when that conditioning no longer exist. Now, after having turned the ship around and having chosen the truth over the conditionings, what follows is to create the reality of Gaia in its higher octave (5D) in union with the people with whom we have these multidimensional cosmic ties and that we were unable to recognize because our «vision» (our heartbeat) was distorted by conditioning. We are beginning to meet those to whom we made the promise to come and meet them here, and what we are feeling is that mutual call for that encounter to take place in the reality of the material world. Surely some people will return to your life in an inexplicable way (sometimes we have fleeting encounters with our cosmic family before we have freed ourselves from all our conditioning but they never stay), people whom we have been dreaming or feeling during this process will also come into our lives in magical ways even if they don’t even know how they look like physically or what their name is (don’t worry, the vibration will be easy to recognize and the resonance impossible to ignore). You are not going crazy this is actually happening so it is also very likely that you may feel an irrational urge to go somewhere without being able to stop thinking about it, to start looking for the former elementary school classmate you have not seen for 30 years, or even to do things that you would never have imagined, but that you KNOW that you have to do. What we are feeling in the body is the call of these souls that are united to ours with a bond impossible to break and that share with us a higher Destiny or Mission and that can already be fulfilled because the Gaia’s vibrational frequency is finally compatible with those unions, although not all those connections come to manifest as relationships because there are still souls that are still very conditioned and that prevents them from vibrating in their true frequency. I know that many are having «paranormal» experiences in relation to these cosmic connections (until there is contact in the reality of the material world they can be considered relationships, before that they are only connections) and are going through a cognitive dissonance that is a bit difficult to cope with because they think they are having hallucinations or a psychotic break because they «feel» as if someone is in the same room with no one really there, they hear their name or short phrases said by «someone else» inside their head, they feel the urge of traveling to faraway countries, telepathic conversations with someone you may not recognize but that feel more real than the conversations you have with your family or with the people you talk to on a daily basis. You may also be «dreaming» that they exchange coded information with someone telepathically, you crave things that that have never eaten before and you don’t understand how you can remember how it tastes like. I know this all sounds like an episode of Sense8 (those who haven’t seen the series, look for it on Netflix), but I can assure you from my own experience with evidence and confirmations that this is an absolutely real experience and that it is not a delusion or a fantasy. Trust your intuition and try to keep a record of everything you feel or receive as downloads of information because they are pieces of a puzzle that you have been putting together since you agreed to incarnate on this plane. 🧩

Close your eyes and listen within yourself to the heartbeat of your Cosmic Family resounding in your own heart. I wish that no one in it is still too conditioned not to recognize the connection they have with you so that you can resonate all together and begin to fulfill your Mission for the highest good of Gaia and Humanity. 💕💫🔥


#Ascension #FifthDimension

Art by Kamora Jones

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