December 15 2021

Dear family, after a few days of calm in the solar activity, we finally started to see some movement. All the spots that you see in lighter color are active regions that could generate solar flares and / or coronal mass ejections. In fact, in the last 24 hours, more than 15 class C flares have been recorded and the region of the Sun that is about to go towards Earth has a particular brightness that promises greater activity. Although the Sun has been calm in previous days, that does not mean that we have not been under the effects of the incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation of 5 days ago, remember that it takes us about 3 days to integrate these frequencies and that we must also take into account the time that the influx of these radiation waves lasts, so some symptoms could last more than 3 days or up to a week, it is important to keep in mind that they are intermittent and not constant. The symptoms that we may experience through this process appear and disappear without any logical explanation and without gradually increasing or decreasing and this is precisely one of the things that makes us wonder what is happening to us because what we feel does not resemble any disease or discomfort that we have had before. 🦋☀️🔥

With this increase in solar activity, it is very likely that you are having activations in the Solar Plexus and the heart chakra, and that you are experiencing them as a feeling of hollowness in the stomach, gastritis, burning or reflux, upset stomach, palpitations, fluttering in the chest, double heartbeat, cough comes from the diaphragm and not the throat, sneezing and / or allergy attacks. You may also have a headache, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, pain or tension in the back of the neck (like a stiff neck), dizziness, pressure on the bones of the face, ringing in the ears, burning of the skin and thirst. 🔥🪐

It is also likely that you dream that someone or something «touches» your Third Eye, that something is removed or put through the back of your neck, that meteorites or fireballs fall from the sky, that someone gives you coded information that you cannot understand, or even alien invasions. Take note of all your dreams and the downloads of information that you receive because they are the keys for you to put together your own puzzle and thus remember who you are and what your true Destiny is. Focus on your personal process and remember that all the information you need is already within you, you just need to find it under all the conditioning that prevents you from believing what seems «impossible». ✨🔥


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