December 19 2021

Dear family, we are currently under active geomagnetic conditions Kp4, although in reality it is not «that much», we are living it in a moment where everything is coming together: the full Moon in Gemini, December 21 (Solstice), this moderate geomagnetic storm, a greater number of sunspots on the Sun, and a timeline shift that has been happening for the last three days and that surely has us already exhausted. The timeline shifts are actually an alignment with the higher version of all the possibilities on our own timeline. To be better understood by those unfamiliar with the concept: imagine that as a result of all your previous incarnations and all the desires or thoughts that you generated in it, 250 (it’s a random number) different versions of the same story were created (your story is already written because it is encoded in your DNA), when we align ourselves with the higher version because it is the one that vibrates at the highest frequency, we create a shift in the timeline and we move towards manifesting that higher version of the 250 that we create. The manifestation in this multidimensional material plane depends on our heartbeat, we manifest what we believe is possible (what resonates in our heart as the Truth because it is free from the imposed conditions) and not what the rational mind tells us can happen. Our heartbeat is the one that magnetizes and manifests a material reality (literally like a magnet) that is why we don’t win the jackpot of the lottery if within ourselves we believe that «it will never happen, but I still buy the ticket anyway». When the general vibrational frequency increases due to everything we are receiving from the outside (waves of Cosmic Radiation, Solar Plasma, Full Moon, etc.) the «environment» causes our energy centers to be activated in the heart, in the Third Eye and in the Crown (those energetic centers that we call «chakras» keep our physical body together because they are the result of the exchange between the magnetic and electrical polarities) facilitating that we deactivate the conditioning of the rational mind (where our fears reside) and thus our heart has free way to manifest the superior version of the 250 possibilities that we created for our story. It is the reason why we reincarnate in multidimensional material reality (I have no proof of this other than my own experience in this incarnation, but I am sure you know this too). Timeline shifts cause a feeling of constant dizziness although it is more like that feeling we have when we get off an elevator or a ship, pressure on the head, the feeling that we are in two places at the same time or that we are trying to understand something that is happening in another «place» (as if we were listening to a song in the distance and we could not identify it), they also provoke overflowing emotions, epiphanies, synchronicities and the internal certainty that everything is connected. 🦋🪐

By the effect of all this together, many are having symptoms of the greatest energetic purge they can remember (the energetic purge is the exit of the body from the conditioning that we are freeing ourselves from), so many have symptoms of the flu that is not flu, transparent runny nose, a great need to urinate or problems with the kidneys and urinary tract, and of course the stomach and intestines that seem to want to leave the body. Our body performs all this energy exchange through the water it contains, that is why it is so important to stay well hydrated to facilitate the purge / purification process that we are living now. In addition we must add anxiety attacks (the nervous system is also under a lot of pressure) and inexplicable experiences (astral projection, the sinking floor, the marks that appear out of the blue in different parts of the body, the change in skin tone, telepathic communication, downloads of information, learning dreams, etc) and for the same reason we have slept little, because we are processing a lot. Keep calm and drink lots of water, this is really happening and there is no turning back (I say this for those who are doubting that all this is «real», it is normal now because the rational mind resists the paradigm shift). Trust in the divine plan and always choose unconditional love, frequency and the highest version of your personal story (the chicken family, the chicken).✨🪐


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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