December 20 2021

Dear family, this is a current image of the Sun. As you can see it has a number of important active regions (they are all the lighter spots) with a high potential to generate solar flares or coronal mass ejections. In fact, we already have had several class C and one M class flares, of which only one is directed towards the Earth. This increase in solar activity, and the possibility of multiple flares occurring at the same time, is a preamble to what could happen in the future and what we call «The Event.» ☀️💥🔥

I have told you before about the Carrington Event, that it was a very intense solar flare that happened in September 1859, in fact it was actually several sunspots (active regions) at the Sun’s equator that erupted at the same time. Although this is NOT that «Event», the truth is that it is the second time that several active regions have aligned with a high potential to generate a flare. With all this activity that we have now, it is very likely that in the next few days we will have a geomagnetic storm of significant intensity (it depends on space weather and other waves of Cosmic Radiation and their magnetic fields). This solar activity is the reason why many of us are experiencing an activation in the heart chakra to a greater or lesser extent, our heart is preparing to be able to handle a greater amount of electricity because the amount of electromagnetic energy that it will receive from the Sun will increase. This solar activity has always existed, yes, but the conditions of space weather and our Magnetosphere are different and that is why its effect is much greater. So you might be having episodes of palpitations, double heartbeat (called extrasystoles and it’s an extra electrical impulse that’s actually harmless), chest pain and tightness that can radiate to the back (between the shoulder blades) or even the hands and fingertips, increased heart rate, pain under the ribs and throbbing throughout the chest. You may also feel that your arms are «unresponsive» or «not yours» (it is a very weird sensation like inexplicable discomfort), a feeling of suffocation or of not being able to breathe deeply, burning and / or heat in the pit of the stomach and the need to cry or scream. The kindest part is that we also feel that our hearts are overflowing with unconditional love, that we are connected to everything (and everyone) and that despite everything something wonderful, incredible and inexplicable is about to happen. It is very important to stay well hydrated (preferably those who do not have medical impediments take a little electrolytes), and that you remain calm, a few taps on the chest or a massage help to relieve tension. It also helps to sing and do «hmmms» so that the vibration of the air facilitates the expansion of the chakra. Pay attention to what you feel and the downloads of information or epiphanies that you may have these days because that is the path of your Heart. Honor your process and trust that all is well, this too shall pass. 🦋☀️🔥


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