December 22 2021

Dear family, this is another current image of the Sun, I liked this graph where you can see the magnetic interaction of the sunspots and the solar halo in green and blue. What is happening now not only had not been seen before, it also contradicts the official forecast that this solar cycle would be a very «quiet» cycle (that is, without so many active regions or so many flares and coronal mass ejections), well, things like this … it turns out that what we have intuited is happening and not what was forecast to happen. Currently 12 active regions on the Sun are being monitored that could cause even more flares – we have already carried more than 5 M class and more than 10 C class, although not all associated with a coronal mass ejection nor directed towards the Earth – and all They are on the face of the Sun that is facing our planet. The next few days will be very intense because the effect of all this solar activity will begin to arrive and will add to everything that we have already been trying to integrate so it is very likely that we will see «an increase in the cases of the unmentionable to prevent them from eliminating the page» because it is a lot for the physical body. The only thing that exists in the Universe is energy, our immune system defends us from possible infections using the body’s energy to create and multiply defense cells, if it runs out of resources because the adaptation of our physical body to a greater amount of Solar radiation requires a greater amount of energy, defending ourselves from possible infections is no longer so easy because the body runs out of sufficient resources to create these cells. The best way to help the physical body to adapt better is to rest as much as possible (it does not matter if you sleep or not, it is about not stressing it more in terms of primary functions), drinking a lot of water and giving it resources to your immune system with a good diet and if necessary consuming vitamins (it is not casual that the most prescribed vitamin to combat the unmentionable is precisely Vitamin D because it is the one obtained from exposure to sunlight 💅).

It is going to be an intense week with a lot of activity in the heart chakra, in the Solar Plexus and in the Crown, it is also very likely that you will feel weird your entire body and that you have an urgent need to isolate yourself from everything and everyone. Trust that we have gradually adapted, and that we have also gradually recovered the superhuman capacities that we already had, but that we stopped using because the conditions were not favorable and because the system’s conditioning made us believe that they were not real. Think of your body not as something solid, but as a permeable and flexible «plasma» through which light can pass, thus helping it flow better. The «pain» you feel is just an electrical impulse of greater intensity that the brain interprets as a threat to create a trigger, if you observe that pain with the frequency of unconditional love (acceptance and not resistance / fear) you will see that the pain passes soon. Everything will be fine. 🦋🔥


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