December 24 2021

Dear family, this post is more of a personal reflection, but first I want to add a note regarding the Sun because it keeps increasing its activity so we can expect some movement in the next 72 hours. It currently has 8 active regions (in the area visible to the space probe) that do not stop generating small class C flares – although not all of them with coronal mass ejections – and Spaceweather has a Kp5 geomagnetic storm forecast for today, in addition to the possible arrival of more solar plasma in the next 2 days. If to this we add that on these dates we are all in the disposition to sustain a higher vibrational frequency (because choosing love over fear is always a decision), surely this Christmas will be something different from the previous ones, and not only because It has been a very intense end of the year at the energy level, but because this year we have all lost (or had to give up) something or someone. 2021 was the greatest test of faith that we have experienced individually and collectively as part of this transformation process that we are experiencing and it is right there where the reflection that I want to share comes in and that I hope will serve at least one of you in this moment. ✨🪐

For some years, when I was part of a collective in Mexico that sought to bring Peace in the midst of a «war against drug cartels» that a former president started and that left thousands of dead and missing people, and hundreds of broken families, I had the chance to witness what it really means to choose love over fear. Because of what I was doing in that group, I had to meet and accompany many mothers and relatives of disappeared people who never returned home, who continue to be sought by their families and about whom, in thousands of cases, nothing is known yet. When I met Doña Mary Herrera, one of these mothers who is still looking for 4 of her 8 sons, I understood that so that pain and loss do not destroy us, it is necessary to resignify them. While Doña Mary told me what had happened with her 4 sons, I could see through her the void that had been opened, she breathed with difficulty because the pain was drowning her and she held back her tears so as not to have to pause because Doña Mary did not stop, she continued to seek answers and justice driven by love for her children and the children of other mothers who are still missing. Doña Mary was not only looking for – and continues to look for – her own children, she also lives and breathes to help other mothers find their own and she accompanies them in their pain. From her, and from all the mothers who live the nightmare of having a child with cancer and who create foundations or support other mothers in the same situation, I learned that pain is healed when we transform it into love for others, when we are capable of assuming it and we choose to turn it into a seed from which a field full of flowers can grow. 🌻💕

Faced with loss and pain, we always have the opportunity to recognize it, feel it and say: this is my pain, what can I do with it so that it does not destroy me? The wound is already there and there is nothing that can make it disappear, the question is what can I do with it that serves to nurture and help others? And it does not necessarily have to be a death, a disappearance, or a devastating disease, it can also be about having to give up a personal project, a relationship, or a dream that we did not see come true. Choosing to transform loss into love for others is the super power that brings us closer to our divine nature, if we could not fulfill a dream, let us do everything possible to help others to fulfill theirs, if we are going through a loss let us be the consolation that others need to overcome theirs. Trust me, even the simplest act can make a huge difference in the life of someone who has already lost faith or is devastated by grief. I know it always causes controversy when I say this so if it doesn’t resonate with you just ignore it, but it is our Divine Duty to take care of others and help them heal through unconditional love. The day we understand that we are here for others and not for ourselves will be the day that we remember what it is really like to be a manifestation of God on Earth. Every time we say «I can help you cope with your pain», «I can help you fulfill a dream», we become a divine instrument capable of creating the greatest miracles. 💖🪐💜

Thank you always for being part of this Community that we have created. I send you a hug, hoping that you can feel the power of Unity and the love of God and the Universe resounding in your heart that still beats… despite everything. Merry Christmas family! 🌲


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