December 25 2021

Dear family, this text from Amanda Lorence is a real gem and a beautiful gift for everyone at this time.


Mind merges with the Heart. Heart merges with the Soul. Body merges with the Soul. Body and Soul merge with the Unified Field.

Whether aware or not, consciously or unconsciously, or any degrees of consciousness attained so far…

Each human creates FROM the Unified Field. The human is limited in it’s creations by it’s own fluctuating frequency (energetic hertz) relating to it’s alternating frequency within resonating bandwidths (dimensions).

Once our every day waking consciousness is ‘at one’ with SOUL within the Unified Field, we consciously create for One (One = Creator of All).Creating new holographic realities, having the INNER understanding of how Source created it All. Awake within the UNIFIED FIELD, we are aligned to the expansion of Source/One/Creator/God as All.

The Unified Field is made up of multiple AND multi-LAYERED LIGHT NODES arranged in vast geometric patterns, where each LIGHT NODE vibrates to different harmonic frequencies of Hertz, producing wavelengths of vibration through the Unified Field. Where each light node has a charge that magnetises to corresponding light nodes in the infinite Unified Field.

I’m just sharing the basics in just a few linear sentences in this post, of accumulated light data and daily ‘energy work’ I’ve been doing of light and vibration, since awakening in 2012. It would take a while to explain everything in detail that would marry in harmony spirituality with meta and quantum physics. Everything is a micro of the macro. An exquisitely simple design based on Light, Frequency and Vibration.

We don’t travel to the Unifield Field, we embody waking awareness of it.

With so much Love to All.

Amanda Lorence 24 December 2021

In short: in order to CREATE reality and the experiences we want to live in it, all our levels of consciousness (frequency) must be aligned and REMAIN on that same frequency so that we can access the UNIFIED FIELD and thus create effectively from it, embodying it through our physical body, feeling it in our atoms. If any of our levels of consciousness vibrate at a different frequency, or if we doubt that we can achieve it, we will not be able to embody that UNIFIED FIELD. In order to create (manifest) something in this multidimensional material reality, it is necessary to visualize it with the mind (create the idea), magnetize it with the heart (feel the idea), desire it with the soul (deserve the idea from the Higher Self), believe it with the subconscious (deserve the idea from conditioning) and feeling it in the body (embodying the idea), basically all the time. If I want something today and not tomorrow, I can hardly create it effectively. I hope you find it useful. ✨🪐


Side note: yes, you may be having symptoms of an activation in the heart chakra (palpitations, double heartbeat, anxiety, feeling that you cannot breathe deeply and discomfort in the chest and ribs) due to the fact that the solar activity has been maintained for above normal for all these days. 🔥☀️

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