December 27 2021

Dear family, as they remove the marking from the page, I will do all the reports for the blog and the update will be available through your email or in my personal Twitter account that is linked to the blog. Once the warning legend disappears I will share everything again on Facebook. This post is a general summary of where we are and what we have been feeling in the last 3 days, even though the intensity has increased steadily since September 22.

So what are we experiencing now? The result of the increase in solar activity that has remained constant for 5 days, a peak in the Schumann Resonance (the one in the photo), an incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation that reached us on the night of the 26th, and also the effect on this dimension of the physical encounter between people who are predestined to fulfill a Destiny (remember that in some previous text I told you that these types of encounters were finally taking place already in the three-dimensional reality and not only in other planes of frequency) to build that new version of Gaia from the frequency of unconditional love (these encounters are the result of the latest wave of Walk-ins, look for the text on the page or here in the blog if you are not familiar with what it means). So in short: it is as if we were inside a centrifuge. We are literally being bombarded by frequencies in a very high vibration that are liquefying out of our body all the density that remains (understand the «density» as the conditioning that made us feel separated from the others because doubt, mistrust, resentment, fear etc have a lower vibration, these conditioning was imposed by the relationship with our parents, by the System and by the emotional wounds we have suffered. Our true nature is not compatible with hurting each other, but to avoid being rejected mutilated ourselves and we created defense mechanisms against others). 🪐✨🦋

That is the general summary of what is happening at the energy, frequency and vibration level. Now I am going to tell you how the experience has been from our consciousness and our physical body (that is, the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of all this that we are experiencing at this moment):

Let’s start with the effect of the sustained solar activity that we have had for about 7 days (it started to increase on the 20th, regardless of not all the geomagnetic storms that were forecast reached us), this increased solar activity is like having been under a shower of hot water (the metaphor makes it easy to understand how it works) at first it is «bearable» but after a few minutes not so much. This higher frequency when it reaches us first causes an immediate reaction (dizziness, headache, insomnia, ringing in the ears, activation of the heart chakra, upset stomach, gastritis, feeling of tightness in the lungs or of not being able to breathe deeply) and then, as it is sustained, it causes generalized discomfort, allergic reactions, pain in the bones and teeth, burning in the skin, skin eruptions, the feeling of not being completely in our body of being in two dimensions at the same time, insomnia, restlessness , activity in the Third Eye and the Crown chakra. On an emotional level we can have sudden mood swings and go from euphoria to a depressed mood from one moment to another, it is also normal to feel that we are connected with the Whole and then not understand what we are doing here or what is the meaning of being alive in this dimension. We become irritable – because «something» is bothering us – and we find ourselves openly saying things that we would never have dared to say. It is also normal to feel that we are disconnected from some people and that we want to be with our true “family”. When we are under this sustained frequency is when we receive downloads of information and we have a more direct communication with our Higher Self (which is nothing more than a level of consciousness of ourselves that vibrates at a higher frequency), we also have premonitory dreams, or we can even have memories of our future. We feel in the atoms what is our truth and our mission, although the rational mind cannot put it into words. 🌞👽

This sustained frequency «expels» from our physical body the previous frequency (which vibrates at a lower frequency, that is, as if it were a lower musical note) and then we experience what is known as «energy purge» because we are healing the conditioning that we have and that is not only «imprinted» on our psyche, but also on our physical body. The two most common forms of purging are flu symptoms that are not flu (runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, throat symptoms, allergies, etc.) and that normally happens when our conditioning comes from pain (rejection, abandonment, lack of love, etc.) ; The other way of purging passes through the digestive system manifesting itself as diarrhea, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, noise and excess bowel movement and a lot of gas, and that is normally experienced by those who have their greatest conditioning stem from fear (threat of not being loved, judgments, shame, uncertainty, feeling the world as a threat). Energy purges feel like «dying in life» and cause us a feeling of helplessness, in addition to anxiety (because a pattern of behavior that comes from conditioning is being destroyed and that makes us feel vulnerable), we can also have the feeling that we are going crazy because the way in which we related to reality no longer makes sense and because our brain begins to create new connections (it is as if our hard disk were defragmented). During a purge we relive wounds from the past that we think were “healed” and we regularly dream of episodes from our childhood, ex-partners, or situations that were more significant than we thought and that have conditioned our behavior. To this must be added this peak in the Schumann Resonance that has also been removing the lower chakras causing inflammation, a lot of bowel movement, pain / heat / burning in the soles of the feet and calves, pain in the lower back and hip , spasms in the ovaries and uterus, as well as sudden anxiety attacks that feel related to or «come» from the digestive system. 🌎💥✨

The incoming wave of Cosmic Radiation that has been in effect for a few hours (December 27) is a strong dose of an even higher frequency that is activating codes in us (the codes are information that we already carry in the DNA and that are related with our stellar origin and it is not that we are aliens, it is that we are frequencies of electrical / magnetic energy that comes mainly from our Sun and that also contain information about our Destiny and Mission in this dimension) and those codes remind us who we really are, what we came here to do and with whom we agree to do it. Although these waves of Cosmic Radiation activate these codes, we are not always able to understand the message because we still do not have all the necessary information or because it is not the right moment for everyone involved, when that happens we are left with the feeling that “we don’t want to be here anymore» or that «we should be living another life” and the reality we live in is completely meaningless, it even seems that it stopped having “soul” and it feels like a theater or a farce. This can cause us a depressed or melancholic state that seems to us that it does not make sense. Later, as we increasingly integrate a higher frequency, the puzzle becomes clearer and we can already understand those codes that were activated but through experiences in material reality. That feeling of «no longer wanting to be here» pushes us to ask ourselves what is the meaning of life and the reason of our being alive, and it is precisely because of that need to get answers that we begin to align ourselves with what our Destiny really is. If separation didn’t hurt, we wouldn’t start looking for ways to ease it. 💎🦋🪐

Aligning ourselves individually and collectively with the timeline that will materialize during 2022 in physical reality will feel like a cobbled street and at the same time like a turbulent flight, with very dramatic but short-lived ups and downs. So yes, it is all very intense, but remember that this is what we are here for. The future of Gaia is in our hands (only as far as we can act as a species) because the future as planet Earth is actually in the «hands» of the constant evolution of the Universe and its own higher intelligence. We can only choose how we want to experience while still existing, and that choice is NOW.

I know that many of you surely feel that you are not going to make it, or even that you would rather not be on this physical experience anymore, but it is only a defense mechanism of the rational mind that does not know what is going on Hold on and trust, everything is fine. 🦋🌈


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