December 31 2021

Dear family, I wish you that this year may be the beginning of a dream that we have all dreamed since the origins of Humanity. May pure hearts meet and fulfill their sacred Destiny. May there be no one capable of being indifferent to the suffering of others, that we stop being only flesh and bones for a System that has exploited and divided us. May we stop having idols and may our heart, free of conditions, be the only compass to find our path. May your mission find you and may God always lead you by the hand. That what is necessary is not lacking and that what is necessary is little because love fills everything. May there be faith and trust in your hearts not to give up and to assist others because that our calling. May what corresponds to you by Divine Right come to you, may you recognize it and accept it with gratitude and humility. May the happiness of others be yours too and may there be nothing that prevents you from accepting and loving others without conditions. This is the moment for which we have been preparing, the time has come. May the Light find you with an open heart in 2022 and may you be ONE with the Light.✨🪐🔥

We got this far …. wheeeeeeeeeeeeew, we made it family! 🤣

I send you all a big hug full of love and magic powders so that all your wishes may come true this year (do not choke on the grapes, this is not the time to run to the emergency room). 🎊🍾

Soon I will share the forecast of solar flares for 2022 that someone has already sent me and, trust me, the year is not going to disappoint us. 2022 … bring it on! ☀️💥🔥


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