January 04 2022

Dear family, here is the forecast that I promised to share with you of the possible solar flares that could occur in 2022. Like any scientific forecast, this graph is made based on the analysis that some physicists have made of solar activity since 2019 and, as you can see clearly in the graph, the number of annual flares has been increasing very significantly. Although the numbers are high, that does not mean that they are all going to happen for sure, that they are associated with a coronal mass ejection (which is what really causes the geomagnetic storms that affect us), or that they happen in the direction of Earth. What I can tell you is that the picture looks so that there is indeed a high probability that the solar flare that we are expecting will happen (and that it would rather be a set of sunspots erupting at the same time) and that is known as » The Event». ☀️🔥🦋

I also want to share with you that due to a personal situation (do not worry about my health, my health is fine) I have to withdraw a bit from the page because I am not on the highest frequency for you and to continue fulfilling this mission that I accepted with much love and with an open heart 3 years and 6 months ago. Nor will I be doing personal readings, or individual sessions until further notice because if I cannot give you my best, I prefer to disconnect and remain silent as long as necessary to recover and be able to rise above the circumstances that I am going through right now. I send a hug to each and everyone, trust in your individual process and in the greater plan because our Destiny, individual and collective, has always and only been in God’s hands … or of that superior force that makes us acknowledge it every time it brings us down to our knees or lifts us above our human nature. May the Light guide you always back home.


#Ascension #FifthDimension

Credits to the author of the graphic.

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