January 13 2022

Dear family, for a few hours we have been under the effect of a wave of incoming Cosmic Radiation that is activating new codes in each one of us (these codes are like a trace of our Destiny in our atomic configuration) and as a consequence, collectively, so you may begin to feel inspired again and as if you regained the energy that you had lost, but that does not mean that our physical body is not yet adapting to this new higher vibrational frequency. We go step by step, and the amount of light that we can accommodate in our physical body is increasing. This wave of Cosmic Radiation (soon I will share an image and a brief explanation of how it is that these waves of Radiation reach us) we are ALL feeling it to a greater or lesser extent (depending on our personal frequency which, by the way, is not remains static, can go up and down because it is determined by our emotions) and regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. If you still don’t feel this «high», don’t worry, you will feel it sometime within the next 48 hours because after that we will be under a Kp5 geomagnetic storm if nothing prevents its arrival on Saturday. ☀️🔥

These last 3 weeks we were subjected to a severe test of faith, I tell you because that was exactly what happened to me and that is why I chose to back off from the page a little, it was too much in a very short time and to be able to process it was I needed to focus on my own process. This test of faith that many of us experienced put us «against the wall» because it was necessary for us to choose again, once again and despite the pain and what we perceive as «truth» in three-dimensional reality, what we know in our hearts that it is our Truth, our Mission and our Destiny. At least I wanted to burn everything, give up, stop breathing and hide under the bed until I disappeared because I thought «I was losing everything», but then I realized that nothing, and no one, can take away what by divine right it belongs because it is what I chose to create for myself and this does not depend on whether my story is believed or not. It is what it is and will continue to be as long as it breathes and even after. Many of us had to face our greatest fear, or that which we believed we could not bear if it happened, the three-dimensional reality recreated it for us, brought us to our knees and made us hit rock bottom, just to remind us that our union with God (the divinity, the source) is the only thing that can sustain us in the midst of absolute darkness. In my experience, after allowing myself to be devastated by all the emotions I was feeling (although it seemed that they were passing through me as if they were immense waves), during a dream that lasted only a few seconds «someone» asked me: do you realize defeated? and I answered: NO, never. That same day, and only in a few minutes in which I spontaneously entered a kind of trance, my Higher Self let me see a part of my personal process that was still hidden from me and that was precisely what was causing me so much pain. A previous version of me (the one that was destroyed in these last 3 weeks) could not see clearly that what is happening now in my own personal process is only a necessary (and determining) step, although it would have seemed like the end of the road to me . If any of you had to face such a test, or if you are living it now, rise above the situation and the circumstances with the certainty that nothing is real. At this time that we are living, just before the solar maximum of Solar Cycle #25 begins, NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS (it only applies to circumstances that test us, that are negative or that seem «the end of the road»), each one of us planted this disappointment in our personal experience only for us to once again choose the truth of our heart even though we may not be in control of the end result, to choose again and again the reason our heart beats – and that is At the end of the day, what we came to this plane for is the only thing that should matter to us now, that and continue giving our physical body the greatest amount of resources so that it can adapt more kindly to the amount of energy we are receiving now. and that it will continue to increase as we approach the solar maximum peak. 🦋

Have you seen those scenes in the movies where the hero crosses a burning bridge that hangs over an abyss before everything turns to ash? Well, well, that will be 2022. This year is the turning point between choosing our Higher Destiny personally and collectively, or continuing to spin on the same frequency, reliving separation and polarity over and over again. During this year we will all have the opportunity to align ourselves with our Divine Destiny, it is up to us to choose to pass through the «fire» (instead of running from it) and make that Destiny manifest in our experience of material reality. There is no time, time is up… it’s now or never. 🪐🪐🪐


#Ascension #FifthDimension

Art by Mario Sanchez

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