January 14 2022

Wohooooooooooo! Just look at this current image of the Sun, in addition to the fact that it has several very active regions (they are all the lighter spots that are almost white), right in the center it has a coronal hole directed towards the Earth. This coronal hole is driving solar winds charged with plasma (photons, protons and alpha particles) towards our planet, so in the next few hours we will begin to see an increase in the Kp index and with it the activity in our upper chakras (Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown). 🔥🦋

In addition, it is very likely that you may felt an activation in the heart chakra approximately 8 hours ago that could have caused palpitations, double heartbeat, intermittent pain in the ribs, increased pulse, restlessness, a feeling of tightness in the chest and / or shortness of breath (you are breathing well, it is just a sensation caused by the chakra vortex spinning faster), tightness in the chest extending to the arms and fingertips, warmth and/or burning in the middle of the ribs. This activation was caused by a Class M solar flare with a coronal mass ejection directed towards Earth followed by a Class C flare in another active region of the Sun. Even if we felt the eruption at the time it happened, the plasma will reach us within 48 hours, but since we already had Kp5 forecast, let’s say that everything is going to add up (the solar flare from 2 days ago, the solar winds and the effect of the two most recent Class M and Class C flares from the last 12 hours) so the next 4 days will be significantly intense for our higher chakras and the Solar Plexus. Those who are in the American Continent could also be feeling heartburn, inflammation, burning or pain in the pit of the stomach, indigestion, upset stomach or as if someone was squeezing it from the outside. 🦋🔥👽

As the Kp index increases (that is, the entry of Solar Plasma into our atmosphere) we could begin to feel headaches, restlessness, irritability, great thirst, the need to isolate ourselves, greater sensitivity to light, intolerance to noise and very loud sounds. Tremors, vibration in the body (as if it were electrified), ringing in the ears and sensations such as pressure or internal itching that can also be felt in the throat and palate, difficulty in focusing the eyes, pain in the neck and scalp very sensible. It is also normal to have unexpected epiphanies and moments of clarity, to receive information downloads, an increase in telepathic communication and to become overly emotionally sensitive. Pay attention to synchronicities, repeated numbers and signals during the next 4 days because the party is going to get good 🥳.

Remember that it is very important to stay well hydrated and not to be scared so that you do not create resistance because fear generates a vibration that is incompatible with this new vibration and makes it difficult for solar particles to pass through our body. I know that it is not at all comfortable to feel dizzy, disoriented or as if we were in two dimensions at the same time (basically because the System conditioned us to need to be in control, not because anything bad is actually happening to us) and that it can be very desperate to feel that our body commands itself and that nothing we do makes us feel a little better, but think that all this is just an adaptation process that will not last forever. Although sometimes our three-dimensional rational mind makes us doubt that this is actually happening, or we are still unable to see the individual and collective effect on our experience of reality, the truth is that we ALL have the internal certainty that something immense is happening inside and outside of us, let’s do our best so that the rational mind does not tell us a different story. Stay calm, take a deep breath and expose yourself to the Sun for a few minutes, this too shall pass. And since this too shall pass, take advantage of the opportunity to align with your Higher Self and your Divine Destiny, those who can go out into the Sun do it for a few minutes and ask for the codes to be activated in you to receive your Mission and fulfill your Destiny. At first you might not feel anything, but you will be surprised what will happen in the next 3 days 😉. Write down everything and cross the bridge, the path is only upwards. 🦋🌈


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