January 15 2022

Dear family, first of all I want to thank all the people who have had an individual session with me since December because they have not only been a wonderful experience but also because they have served me a lot as a confirmation of what is happening on a collective level. It is an immense gift and an honor that they allow me to be part of their personal journey and that they share with me their own experience of this process and, mainly, to witness how we are all remembering who we are and what we came here to do, they do not know how it has filled me with happiness and how that has also given me the strength and inspiration to continue fulfilling the Mission that I accepted as a guide for you in this process. The best moment of those sessions is when they tell me: «Of course, I already knew»… of course they (we) already knew, they have ALWAYS known, it’s just that all the false «truths» that we were conditioned with do not let us see clearly what is the Truth of what we really are. 🪐✨

I also want to thank those who take the time to answer a comment here on the page to help someone who needs it because they don’t fully understand what is happening, or because they are going through a crisis that prevents them from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In these last days I have seen many and many of you offer your interest, your time and your love so openly to those who are going through a difficult situation that on several occasions it has moved me to tears of emotion reading all those comments 🥰🙈 Thank you, thank you , thank you for everything you give and for also being an essential ray of Light for this community that we created, and that in some way is protected with the love of so many in almost every country in the world. 💖🌎💜

I have dedicated almost 5 years (I know it seems little, but it has been full time day and night) to try to understand this process from different points of view, I have looked for answers even under the stones to understand what is the final destination of everything this, and I have also investigated dozens of theories about it – almost all the versions that have come to me – just for wanting to reach the Higher Truth of what IS, not only because of my personal desire to understand it, but also to share it with you. After all that, and the incredibly amazing personal experience that I had to live – those who know my story and the reason why this page was actually created know that I’m not exaggerating haha ​​- I can only tell you that the Holy Grail (the greatest gift) is hidden -and is waiting for us- in the path we follow and the decisions we make to reach what we believe to be the «Final Goal». The questions we ask ourselves are just a formalism to arrive at an answer that we actually already have and have always had. All theories regarding this process cease to be relevant when we realize that they are only a way of explaining what is by definition inexplicable. What each of us is looking for is also looking for us, finding and being found only depends on crossing the limits of the three-dimensional rational mind. If we give up definitions, we allow the Universe to express itself freely and all its creative immensity to manifest IN and FOR us. ✨💫🪐


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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