January 16 2022

Dear family, we are currently under the effect of Kp4 active geomagnetic conditions, although it is not very significant (still because remember that it will increase and accumulate), this time, more than in our physical body, it is having an effect on our psyche. . I don’t know if it’s just me, although I doubt it, but this now feels like a collective «omen». Yes, it may be that it has effects on our physical body (as it is going to accumulate, we will most likely end up with tooth and bone pain) with the physical sensations that we already know such as restlessness, pressure and strange sensations in the head, ringing in the ears or Morse code pulses, exhaustion, sleep (yes I know it’s exasperating to be very sleepy and at the same time not being able to sleep), strange sensations in the chest and ribs, discomfort in the stomach, internal heat in specific parts of the body, inability to concentrate or gather enough energy to do something. In addition, we must add the shock of the eruption of the volcano in Tonga. For those who have asked me, yes, the volcanic eruption is related to the increase in solar activity because there is a physical phenomenon called «core expansion» as a result of the increase in electromagnetic energy. The Earth has a solid core and around it what is called a liquid core. The liquid core performs a dynamo function and is highly relevant in the rotation and translation of the Earth. Due to the effect of this greater amount of electromagnetic energy, the liquid nucleus expands because its molecules are agitated and vibrate at a greater speed (that is, it is as if it were boiling with greater intensity) this generates a greater amount of gases and as a consequence there is greater pressure than it is reflected in an increase in volcanic activity (the pressure has to find ways to get out and where there are no nearby volcanoes then earthquakes occur). Back on topic (so as not to bore you with physics), this time it feels like an «omen» of change, not only me, many people around the world are having the inner certainty that something is already totally different, plus they are receiving confirmations of things that they have been intuiting and at the same time the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. It is as if we are all watching the play from a higher place. I know that if you now pay attention to what you may be feeling physically, you can identify energy patterns more easily than before and are not as scared by symptoms because they don’t feel as «physical» anymore. Surely you have been having revealing dreams and epiphanies (I have) that allow you to understand your own process (and the collective) from a much less three-dimensional perspective. The physical body will continue to adapt, but it is no longer our main «concern» because we already vibrate at a different frequency. 🦋🪐🔥

I don’t know if you have noticed, but whenever there are active geomagnetic conditions (Kp above 4) the wind gusts also increase in different parts of the world. Keep in mind that animals and children also feel all of these effects (albeit to a lesser extent) so they may be irritable, have an upset stomach or act strange and want to isolate or shelter more than usual. Be patient with them, they don’t know what is happening to them and it can be very overwhelming. Babies and children can use a bath in a tub and hugging your pets is useful to make them feel better because your magnetic field will act like a shield. 🐕‍🦺💕

Stay well hydrated and do not force your physical body, this is only temporary because it is an adaptation process to receive and embody a greater amount of cosmic and solar energy. Everything is fine, our ability to adapt is much greater than we think. Just trust and don’t fear. ☀️🔥🌈


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