January 17 2022

Dear family, this intermediate step between the effect of the first solar flare and the second one is turning out to be a bit intense, although there is nothing really significant in the Schumann Resonance graph, surely many of you feel pain, burning and/or heat in your feet, calves and knees. You could also be experiencing pain in the hip (as if speared from side to side) and lower back, tingling or numbness in the tailbone and sides of the spine, as well as intestinal inflammation and a swollen belly. When we begin to embody a higher frequency in ourselves, a lot of gas is produced and that causes swelling in the belly, as well as a feeling of being «full» of gas. You may also have a general tremor or feel like your intestines are vibrating (sometimes it even feels like a snake is running through them), intermittent shooting pains in different parts of the body, internal heat such as hot flashes, sweaty feet and a lot of anxiety. 🦋🔥🌎

Remember that water is a very good remedy (get in the shower as many times as necessary), in addition, foot baths with Epsom salts, self-massage with some relaxing oil, moving the body doing Yoga, light exercise or dancing, also help and being in contact with nature (preferably with bare feet on the ground). If you feel very uncomfortable ask your Higher Self to «turn down the intensity», I don’t know how or why, but I assure you it works. Do not despair and always remember that this too shall pass. ✨


#Ascension #FifthDimension

Art by Alex grey

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