January 18 2022

Dear family, as you can see in the image there is the beautiful glow of a Class M solar flare in the upper right. This flare happened a couple of hours ago, after another Class C flare, so the «voltage» will continue to rise for the next few days. The Kp index can vary throughout the day because we receive waves of this solar plasma, as if they were the waves of the sea, and that is also why we can feel the effect at different times, what we feel at the same time is the moment in the one that «the threshold is reached» which would be the moment in which the first wave hits the Earth’s magnetosphere. By now many of you may already be experiencing pain in your teeth (teeth hurt because it is the densest tissue in our body that receives energy most directly and there are no other tissues to serve as a cushion). You may also feel dizzy or as if you are losing their balance and gravity, or as if your entire metabolism has gone into overdrive and your body is «running a marathon» while you are glued to the bed or couch because you don’t have the energy to get up. We still have activity in the Solar Plexus, around the navel (because we are connecting with the people with whom we are predestined to fulfill a greater purpose as part of this process of transformation of Humanity) and in the heart chakra because our Heart is adapting to that voltage increase. Vivid and precognitive dreams will also increase because this vibration allows us to align with a timeline that for us is in the «future», so I recommend that you pay close attention to the dreams and epiphanies that you are having. 🦋🔥

As we are experiencing a decisive moment in the collective process, it is very likely that our dreams and downloads of information will synchronize collectively to the point that you could realize that two or three members of the family dreamed of an alien invasion, a meteorite that falls (or fireballs entering the atmosphere), comets, spirals in the sky, shooting stars, dragons in the sky (this is how our subconscious conceptualizes the northern lights), an old key or keys, an old hardcover book, eyes in the sky (it can be one or several), two Moons, two Suns or seeing the planets too close. Many of you will align with your Mission during this month and begin receiving messages and having experiences that will seem unbelievable or out of this world. All of this is happening faster and faster because, as I understand it, the time for that Solar Event is getting closer and closer. The Solar Event is actually several flares in different active regions of the Sun erupting at the same time as it happened in 1859, but this time could imply a much stronger event under different conditions because the Earth’s Magnetosphere, which is our protective shield , is weakened relative to 1859 (because the Earth’s outer core is no longer in the same condition). For this we have been preparing and our physical body has been adapting to the new conditions of the planet and the Solar System, none of us would have a heartbeat if the Sun did not exist, I know it seems obvious, but many people forget this or ignores it and therefore cannot understand or believe that this is real and considers it a «hoax». ☀️❤️

Focus on your personal process and do not get distracted by things and situations that are not worth it, we are «against the clock» and it is necessary to do everything in our power so that Gaia reaches her Higher Octave (the next level of vibration), those who have a collective Mission, forget about the individual for now because that will end up aligning itself. There are going to be many sudden «awakenings» and it may be that many people close to you who did not feel any of this from one moment to the next go into crisis or even have something similar to a psychotic break, if I tell you this is only for you to be aware -NOT TO SCARE YOU- because then you will have to assist them by helping them stay calm (remember that these people chose their process to be like this and that is a guarantee that they will be able to cope with it) so that they can process all the information and the frequency at once. Please, do not get involved in discussions of any kind, many people will be resisting all this and that will cause them to feel the need to attack others, there is no need to be right, let everything happen and flow freely. Everything is fine, the plan is perfect. 🌎🔥☀️🦋🪐


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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