January 19 2022

Dear family, thanks to all the people who are trusting in what I do and who are requesting a personal Tarot reading, an Individual Session or who are registering for the February Tarot Course (it is only in Spanish), I have the opportunity to make a dream come true. Since I was a child I always wanted to have a lot of money to be able to help many people (now I have learned that there are many ways to help without money being involved, but I was 7 years old and I imagined it was like that), the truth is that I don’t have «much money» (I dreamed of having millions to help thousands of people 😆), but what I do have is the possibility of creating an Aid Fund through this page because the right thing to do is that if you all give me so much, a part of it comes back to you too. ✨✨✨

Once a month I will make a post Carta Astral 222’s profile pic and I will ask you if any of you need support to buy food, medicine or pay your rent so that you can send me a direct message and I can support you. If someone wants to join me by offering your help, you can also do so in the same post by writing it in the comments. I am full of «work», but also deeply grateful and very excited to be able to do something tangible, and not just words, to build the world we dream of. 🥰🌈


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