January 20 2022

Dear family, for a few hours we have been receiving a strong impact of Radiation (not the same as solar plasma) derived from a class M.5 flare. Solar Radiation are rays that reach us before the plasma when a flare is produced (not all solar flares cause this type of Radiation, it depends on the characteristics of the flare itself), this type of Radiation is best avoided by trying to not expose yourself to the Sun until the rays dissipate. This can cause a headache (it is a trigger for migraines for those who suffer from it), burning and itching of the skin and lips, a lot of irritability and a feeling of being dull or confused. The bones of the face can also hurt us, in addition to making us feel threatened or persecuted (surely many woke up abruptly at dawn). Those who suffer from hypertension pay attention to any temporary increase in your blood pressure. It is very likely that telecommunications and electrical appliances will fail us as well. In a couple of days (and if nothing stands in the way) we will be receiving the solar plasma expelled by this Class M.5 flare and we will see the Kp index increase again (for those who do not know what the Kp index is and have been asking me in the comments, it is an index with which the possible auroral activity in the poles derived from Solar Radiation is measured). Your senses may be heightened and you may hear things that are not so close to you (such as the noise of an air conditioner several blocks from your house), see shadows pass (when there are none), perceive smells and that you lose track of time a little or that hours go by and they feel that it was only a few minutes or vice versa. Be aware of «paranormal» experiences in the next two days and stay well hydrated so that the energy flows more easily, remember that the body uses the water it contains during this process and that is why it is very common to feel desperately thirsty out of the blue. If you feel that your symptoms are too strong, please go to the doctor to make sure that everything is fine. 🦋🔥☀️


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