January 21 2022

Dear family, Amanda shared this earlier today:

FEELING a profound stillness and QUIETNESS today, knowing we shall receive MAJOR incoming energies on Sat 22 January 2022. They MAY start this evening, 21 January (evening UK time)

And a few hours later she shared this too:

Major incoming energy has JUST started (at U.K. time 10.32pm, 21 Jan). It’s been building gradually for hours but now it’s like the switch just got turned on and up, to higher incoming strength and clear, strong vibrational energy patterns to all of the physical. Big hug everyone. 💜🙏💚

In addition to the fact that I have also been feeling that «stillness» that she speaks of, which is like the calm that precedes the entrance of a hurricane, or like when the sea recedes before a tsunami, I know that in the next few hours we are going to start to feel the effects of this wave of incoming energy at lower latitudes. Higher latitudes feel these energy inputs sooner than latitudes closer to the equator. So it is very likely that in the next few hours they will feel very tired, dizzy or vertigo, burning in the eyes, difficulty focusing their eyes or staying present and «grounded», and that they will begin to feel the vibration of the energy (changes in temperature , chills, tingling, numbness or vibration) in different parts of the body because our case is preparing to receive more solar particles (impossibly, even more) and all our systems are under pressure. They may also have hunger pangs (or hunger that won’t go away), wake up in the middle of the night, or have a lot of trouble sleeping. I take this opportunity to remind you that children and animals are also experiencing it, although it is less uncomfortable for them because they have fewer conditioning factors and their frequency is more compatible. This is not going to stop, we will simply get used to it and our body will adapt to a new vibration. So: pay attention to the next few hours (it could last all day on the 22nd), honor your process and trust in the greater plan. I almost never post before I feel the effects of the incoming energy in my own body, but I know that this time it is better to tell you before because many might feel it more intensely at dawn (and it will be strong). If we got this far it’s because we can do this, so bring it on! 😂


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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