January 23 2022

Raise your hand who felt the arrival of a wave of Cosmic Radiation that began about 12 hours ago 🙋‍♀️ In addition to the stitches of pain in the head, you could also feel some internal vibration in the organs -mainly in the intestines- ( is different from the generalized tremor of the nervous system when it is recalibrated to conduct a greater amount of electricity), strong palpitations that lasted about 1 minute and then stopped and started again later (some with stitches of pain in the chest that lasted only a few seconds), acid reflux and/or heartburn, a feeling of general tiredness (or muscle weakness), but also the internal certainty that your whole body was undergoing a general «tuning» (that is, like a personalized recalibration). Since I began to feel it, I knew that what we are experiencing since dawn today (January 23) is a preparation to receive a greater amount of solar energy that will activate more codes in each one of us and that is why I brought you the image of the Sun that accompanies this post. The two dark spots that look like eyes are two coronal holes through which the solar wind is propelled, and there is also another shadow below that looks like a mouth 😑. This view of the Sun often precedes Class X flares (which are stronger than Class C and M), so it is likely that in the next few days we will indeed have some significant flares, plus a Kp4 index is forecast for tomorrow; It was also forecast for today, but we did not reach it because this wave of Cosmic Radiation deflected the solar plasma. ☀️🔥🪐

These waves of Cosmic Radiation that precede the increase in solar activity (I believe that in fact they are the ones that cause this increase in solar activity, but since there is no proof of this, I cannot be sure), they are also the ones that cause us those sensations of that something or someone is squeezing our Third Eye, the base of our skull, our Crown or Heart chakra; even in «dreams» we can see that extraterrestrial beings are the ones who press us in these specific points and we can even wake up with those sore areas. The image of the «alien» is a nice gift courtesy of our rational mind that lacks the necessary frame of reference and throws everything that comes from outer space but doesn’t know how to conceptualize into E.T.’s drawer. Some of you may be experiencing symptoms of an energetic purge because you are still releasing conditioning that prevents you from embodying the frequency of these higher energies. Take into account that the process of each one of us is individual and that having or not having the symptoms does not have any transcendent meaning, nor is it a sign of your personal evolution because sometimes there is no opportunity for you to receive these frequencies and that is why you don’t feel them. When we spend a lot of time surrounded by other people or magnetic fields that could serve as a shield (obstacle) they hardly reach us, but if we are isolated and away from other magnetic fields it is more likely that they will reach us directly and that is why there are people who do not feel anything (because the frequency has to go through more magnetic fields to reach them and because their attention is focused on what is happening in the material world and their vibration drops to match it). It is easier for this vibration to reach us when we are isolated (oh yes, what seemed like something negative caused by global health conditions was actually a huge gift to millions of people around the world who otherwise would not have been able to isolate themselves 😉). The plan is perfect. Stay well hydrated and don’t overload your system so your body can better integrate all of this and adapt more easily. 🔥 🦋


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