January 24 2022

Dear Family, this is an IMPORTANT NOTICE that I would like most of you to see so I ask you to please give it a reaction at least so that it reaches most of you so that you are aware. 🙏

In the next few days (before February 15) I will be sharing here on the page TWO VIDEOS that Amanda Lorence and I are going to record together (one version in Spanish and one in English) because we have information that we know it is time to share with you in relation to the Solar Event that we have been talking about for some time now. The reason why we decided to make these videos now is because we realized that we have been receiving the same signals and the same information without really being in contact (except for some sporadic interactions) and living thousands of miles away. Also, a third person (Veronica), somehow gave us a confirmation that this is the time for us to share this information with you. It goes without saying that we are both surprised by all this because there are too many coincidences for it to be something casual. As they will be pre-recorded videos (so that we can share both versions at the same time) it is very likely that you will not receive a notification, hence the need to let you know in advance. 🙏☀️🌈


Credits to the author of the image.

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