January 27 2022

Dear family, for more or less 6 hours we have been under the effect of an incoming Cosmic Radiation wave that may be causing stabbing pains in the head in different areas, tingling in the scalp, a sensation that insects are walking on it, a «chill » on the head or more density on one side of the head than the other. Usually it is felt more on the right side (where the Sylvian Fissure is in the brain which is just the top of the right ear), the Crown, and the nape of the neck. 🧠🔥

Regardless of the patterns that energy is doing in our physical body, the entry of this particular wave was very strong (look at the image, this is how cosmic rays reach us, it’s a NASA recreation), so some of you could have experienced one of the two most intense reactions that we can have when we receive the first impact of these rays (because these in particular act like a laser beam and that is also why in some places it is felt more than in others). One of these two reactions is vasovagal syncope which is characterized by causing a slowing of the heart rate (the tachycardia that is felt afterwards is because the heart is trying to recover its rhythm), feeling of impending fainting, tunnel vision, lightheadedness, cold sweat , dizziness, paleness, nausea, feeling hot, drop in blood pressure (lasts only a few minutes). The other effect is false hypoglycemia which are: tachycardia, weakness, tremor, anxiety, excessive hunger, irritability, headache and tingling or numbness in different parts of the body (can last up to 12 hours). Although it is unlikely to experience these symptoms but possible, you can also have the sensation that you are moving in slow motion or that you are not in control of your body. 🦋🔥

On a mental level, these waves of Cosmic Radiation can give you the feeling that you are «going crazy» (because new neural connections are activated due to the increased «electricity»), but also a lot of epiphanies and downloads of information, as well as the inner certainty of feeling a connection with a higher force, in addition to the fact that you could also have vivid or lucid dreams, and even short visions (they last only a few seconds and are like short scenes that pass through your mind without knowing where they came from and without you were thinking or elaborating them) of your future or previous incarnations.

The most important thing, if you have such a strong reaction, is to stay calm and be aware that it is just energy and that your body will recover. Either way, if you feel your symptoms are getting too strong or escalating, it never hurts to get checked out by a doctor to make sure all is well (regardless of whether you choose to pursue treatment or not, being certain that all is well will help you stay calm). Drink water, rest and sleep as much as you can. This too shall pass. 🪐🔥


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