January 29 2022

Dear family, infinite thanks to each and everyone who joined the initiative to offer help and support to those who are most in need now 🙏 The response has been immense and it gives me great joy to see that more and more people are willing to do something for others in a generous and kind way. 😭 (tears of joy).

I would have loved to help all the people who asked for financial help to meet basic needs such as food and medicine, but I did as much as I could this month. Thanks also to those who joined by making some money transfer so that I could redistribute it.

And I also want to thank that person who was the original reason why I opened this page and who, without knowing it, has been the light that gives me the strenght to keep going. None of this would exist without your heartbeat. THANK YOU 🌻 FOR THAT 🌻 ALWAYS 🌻

Let’s do it together again next month. ✨🪐🌻


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