January 30 2022

Dear family, this is the most recent image of the Sun. All the brighter regions you see are sunspots (active regions with a certain magnetic complexity that could generate an explosion -that is, a flare-), in the upper right part is the spot that generated the Class M1 flare that did have an associated Coronal Mass Ejection that in the next two days will cause an increase in the Kp index to 5-6, but due to the size of the mass ejection, the truth is that I believe that we will reach Kp7 if no other magnetic field deflects its trajectory. Additionally, 5 significant Class C flares have occurred in the last 24 hours, but the reality is that overall sunspot activity has not decreased in the last 48 hours. ☀️🔥

In addition to the increased Heart chakra activity, you may also have been feeling gastritis, burning and/or pain in the pit of your stomach, pain in your teeth and bones, a lot of tiredness, dry eyes and all the mucous membranes of the body, difficulty focusing, circulatory problems (the veins may bulge a little, have eye spills, or you may even see your veins more blue and chubby than normal), it is also common to change color in the skin (as if it had been tanned because we are exposed to more solar radiation although we do not see it in the form of light, just as it happens in tanning beds), and we can have insomnia (the gland that secretes the sleep hormone «thinks» that is daytime and does not produce it the same), restlessness and irritability. In general there can be a complete hormonal imbalance because our glands and their functions are governed by the amount of electromagnetic energy we receive from the Sun. 🦋🔥

The quantum (subatomic) effect of this phenomenon is that the solar particles (mostly protons) adhere to the electrons of our atoms and displace them, causing greater agitation in them, that is, a greater vibration. By increasing our vibration we become a state of energy closer to the frequency of the wave than the particle and that is why our Consciousness expands, our thoughts materialize faster and our emotions intensify. The expansion of our Consciousness makes it easier for us to understand more (because we experience three-dimensional reality from a higher perspective, as if we were watching a play from the box and not from the front row), and by increasing our ability to understand the things and experiences we define as «possible» increase exponentially. Our thoughts and our emotions are energy in the form of waves, and these waves travel through space with greater ease and speed because the «external environment» is more compatible with them, that is why our thoughts materialize faster and we can come to feel our emotions magnified as well as the emotions of others. We have always been able to communicate telepathically with each other and even with other species, the problem is that the message did not arrive so easily and not so quickly because the environment did not facilitate it. Now we can even «ride» the WiFi communication signals to communicate with each other without the need for an electronic device to be involved, we just have to know how to choose the router with the least resistance. And of course, we need to believe it… because I assure you that many of you have telepathic conversations with other people and ignore them or dismiss them thinking that it is only your imagination. 🙃😚

One of the most transcendent effects of this process that we are experiencing is the union of our Mind with our Heart. In the binary polarized system in which we live (still, but it is precisely this system that is falling apart due to frequency incompatibility), the Heart has taken a backseat because we have been conditioned to «defend» ourselves from everything and everyone. Since we were taught to compete in schools, we have been divided and made to believe that there is never enough for everyone. The vibrational frequency of our heart, and the frequency it creates through our heartbeat, is more compatible with the increased vibration that we are experiencing now (ever wondered why heart cancer is extremely rare?) and that is why that we are remembering that we are not really here to destroy each other. «Awakening» is to realize that the story that the conscious rational mind tells us is a defense mechanism with which we were conditioned to defend ourselves against aggressions that do not really exist. When we remember this, we are back in flow with the Universe because the limits of separation, and of what we believe to be «impossible», disappear. Trust in the divine plan, trust in yourselves and also trust in others, because we will all know how to find the way back home. 🦋🔥🪐


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