February 01 2022

Dear family, we are currently under active geomagnetic conditions Kp4, it should increase to Kp5 or 6, but remember that this may not happen because it could be deflected (it is the coronal mass ejection associated with the Class M flare from a couple of days ago ). The vibration will increase little by little, and you may begin to feel tired, restless, have a headache and a general malaise that is difficult to define. If we do reach Kp6 then we could have other effects such as dizziness, tooth pain, palpitations, heartburn, flu symptoms that are not flu, pressure on the bones of the face (or as if you had sinusitis), allergies and temporary intolerances (mainly caused by chemicals), burning and/or itchy skin, sensation that bugs are walking on the body and sore or swollen lips. It is also normal to be very thirsty from one moment to the next (as if something were drying our bodies instantly), a great desire to isolate oneself and intolerance to noise and artificial light. 🔥☀️

Tomorrow, February 2nd, I will post here on the page the link to the video I made with Amanda Lorence (the Spanish version, the English video you can see on her wall) and she will post the video we made in English on her profile , both at the same time: 2:22 pm from Cancun, 7:22 pm from the United Kingdom. In that video we will talk about the «Solar Event», what it means (for those who do not know what it is) and what follows in the process we are experiencing. 🥰🦋


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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