Febreuary 02 2022

Dear family, here is the link to the video that Amanda Lorence and I made to share information regarding the Solar Event because we felt that we had a significant number of signs that it was meant to be. The video is a bit long because it is a lot of information (we had to put everything in context), but the truth is that I feel that after this video there is nothing more to add. I will share the English version also after this video so that those who do not understand Spanish are aware. The two versions have the same information although each of us put a little more in their own language. I knew that this message with Amanda was going to happen at some point (I think we both knew) because in addition to the similarities in how we understand and experience energy (and this process), we also have in common the resonance with the number 22/222. I hope that the information is useful to you, and that everything manifests itself according to the Divine Plan.

With Love, ALWAYS.


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