February 04 2022

Dear family, we are currently under the effect of a Kp5 Geomagnetic Storm and, as you can see in the image, the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is also Kp5 (at times it can reach Kp6 and up to 7, but since it does not hold -they are just peaks – they do not modify the graph, although we can feel them). In addition to insomnia, restlessness and the sensation of being dizzy or «drunk», they may also have difficulty concentrating, be very tired, headache, eye discomfort, palpitations (generally greater activity in the Heart chakra), gastritis, indigestion (because the increase in the speed of rotation of the Heart chakra and the Solar Plexus cause the temperature in the stomach to increase), a lot of gas and belching, discomfort in the throat, transparent runny nose (some people may have a slight nose bleed ) and a slight increase in blood pressure. Since this storm looks like it’s going to last for at least another two days, you’re likely to have toothaches (or broken teeth out of nowhere) and the feeling that your temperature drops and rises throughout the day ( in some cases the body temperature can drop to 34-33 degrees), you are also likely to have pain in the ears (mainly the left one). Avoid, as far as possible, giving your physical body more work and preferably do not consume alcohol or other chemicals (nothing will happen to you if you do, it is only so that you do not subject your body to greater pressure, nothing more ). Rest as much as you can and stay well hydrated, remember that this is only an adaptation process and that it is temporary. As we embody a greater number of protons, the symptoms will be less and less strong and will last less time. Surely you have already noticed, but these long-lasting storms also cause us to look much younger because what we see on our skin as «wrinkles» is nothing more than the absence of light. It’s normal for you to start seeing shadows in your peripheral vision and hearing and smelling things that aren’t close to you, as well as seeing green and violet orbits (like round, sparkly confetti). Honor your process and don’t despair, this too shall pass. 🦋🔥☀️


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