February 08 2022

Dear family, soemone sent me a picture (I don’t share it because I don’t know whose it is, someone else saw it published in a group) where the Sun looks blue. In addition, another person in Mexico shared with me that on Sunday he saw a blue ring around the Sun, which was emitting flashes and «smoke» could be seen coming from its center (two people saw it, not just one). The phenomenon of the «Blue Sun» is very rare, but it happens when the atmosphere is very loaded with dust or ash particles, but, in the photo I saw, the sky is completely clear and it does not seem to be a filter or any effect of the camera lens. If anyone else also saw it (or has photos), or if you have been reading Blue Sun testimonials on groups and pages, please write it in the comments (ONLY the Blue Sun, or changes you have seen in the Sun -the circles white or like rainbows around the Sun please no because the solar halo is a very common natural phenomenon and there is nothing special about it). The only thing I need to know is if anyone else saw the blue Sun with THEIR OWN EYES, or some phenomenon in the Sun that may have change its color to blue or green (if you have photos, please send them to me by private message). 🔥☀️

As for the process itself, the next 4 weeks will be very individual, by this I mean that each one of us will feel and live something that only has to do with our own process (I will also be a bit out of circulation because my own experience will be individual and will not be of any use to the collective, but in any case I will continue present), regardless of what each one lives, I assure you that by February 23 everything will be different because everything that exists in Gaia will have integrated a higher vibration, and what is not, will have returned to Source.

Depending on the level of consciousness that each one has, these are the 3 experiences for the next 4 weeks:

🦋 Those who have no idea of what is happening, or have it, but not as an experience but only as an idea, will finally Awake and start to have a different experience of this multidimensional material plane and will realize that they live in a illusion created by a collective conditioning that no longer means anything. For many this is going to be an existential crisis because it is like going from 0 to 100 instead of having it in smaller doses, in any case this was what they chose and those of us who already know what all this means must be vigilant to assist those who need it. I know a lot of people say we shouldn’t interfere with each other’s process, but right now that’s the equivalent of watching a ship sink and letting non-swimmers drown. At least I’m going to help as many people as possible to cross this bridge.

🦋 Those who have already experienced a good part of the process, will experience the union between their Higher Self (a version of yourselves that vibrates at a higher frequency) and their Lower Self (your three-dimensional body-mind), during this process of unification the physical symptoms intensify, plus they may feel like they’re going crazy or literally going to die, it’s only temporary, but it’s a very strong experience. At all times they will know that they are not alone and they will have the certainty that what they are living is not an experience of «this world». Many will have visions of their future and of the collective future, and will «suddenly» understand the meaning of their own existence, even if they later forget it for some time. They are not going crazy, I assure you, nor is their body at real risk, it is just something they have never experienced before (none of us) and that is why it is scary.

🦋 Those who have already lived the union of their Higher Self with their Lower Self will align with their Mission and then that Mission will be much more important than their own individual experience, they will remember exactly what they came for and how they have to do it. This experience can also cause a crisis because many will think that it is «incredible» or «impossible», but at the same time they will know that «there is no time» and that the mission must be fulfilled, so it will be a back and forth between not knowing whether to believe it or better to ask for an appointment with the psychiatrist.

Regardless of which of the 3 you experience in these next few weeks (the 22nd will be particularly significant) keep in mind that Destiny is always fulfilled, no matter what you do or whether you believe it or not. Because of the importance of what this means, many will be put out of circulation with «unexplainable» situations because external circumstances will force them to isolate themselves or «stop» in one way or another so that there is no interference with their individual process. For what this period means for everyone, it is necessary to clarify that thoughts of death or suicidal ideas are very likely because the rational conscious mind is not configured to understand what is happening and it is its only way of «translating» what we are experiencing by generating this ideas because it is the closest thing to «an older version of you is going to disappear». Don’t be scared and DO NOT listen to them (sometimes they can be very insistent) YOU ARE NOT going to die nor suicide is a path that you should take. I ask you, please, do not misunderstand what I have just said, I am only trying to reassure those who are experiencing it and nothing more, because it will be something that is going to intensify in these coming weeks: you are not going to die, nor you will commit suicide because you cannot control those compulsive thoughts, just observe them and let them pass. Trust that the plan is perfect and that Destiny is always fulfilled. The «storm» will not last forever. 🦋🔥


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