February 10 2022

Dear family, this is how the geomagnetic storm announced for these days finally begins to arrive. At the moment the graph registers Kp4 (which would only be active geomagnetic conditions, but not a storm as such) nothing more than if you look at the center of the Aurora (the colored stripes at the top and bottom of the map) you can see that the center is red, that means that we are going to reach Kp5 or 6 in the next few hours. This storm is the reason why you woke up at dawn (or could not sleep all night), it is also likely that you woke up very dehydrated, with pain and aches in the body and with anxiety or restlessness. Those who have been able to sleep may have dreamed with alien or spaceship invasions, meteorites falling from the sky or simply balls of fire falling to Earth. You may also have pain in the teeth and in the upper part of the body (head, shoulders and/or neck), greater activity in the Heart chakra and pain in the fingers of the hands or as if you had the whole body electrified, in addition to the strange sensations in the head and feeling the body as «out of tune». Try to take a few minutes several times a day to breathe and stay present, remember that it is just energy passing through your physical body and the best way to cope is not to resist it. All is well, this too shall pass. 🦋🔥☀️


*Note: when I finished writing this post the graph was already at Kp5. During these storms we sometimes reach up to Kp7 at times, but since it is not sustained, the measuring instruments do not record it and that is why it does not appear on the graph.

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