February 19 2022

Dear family, this is a short report of the recent solar activity because apparently there’s some information circulating out there in relation to a supposed Class X solar flare that never really existed, what happened is that just because someone saw the immense Coronal Mass Ejection on February 15 (photo 1) they assumed that because it was big it was a Class X flare (the classification of solar flares is based on the wavelength of X-rays and not on the size or amount of plasma ejected), so that the huge ejection pictured in the February 15 image is not some X-Class flare it is just a huge CME. Then there is the photo of another Coronal Mass Ejection that occurred today, February 19, in a region of the Sun that has not yet rotated towards the Earth but which will -guess when- exactly! on February 22 😎 (image in green with the date of February 19 where I pointed out the active region that seems promising). Right now we are under active geomagnetic conditions Kp4, but it will increase in the next few hours up to Kp5. Also, Kp4-5 will be sustained for the next 3 days.☀️🔥💥

About 24 hours ago we also received the impact of a very strong wave of Cosmic Radiation that has caused a lot of pressure on a physical, mental and emotional level. If I do not make a detailed list it is because each one will be feeling something different depending on their own vibrational frequency and what you need to transcend at this time. No matter how difficult it gets at times, trust in the divine plan and that your intuition will always tell you what you need to do to get through this process in the least complicated way. You will know what you have to do, have no doubt. Stay well hydrated and remember that all this pressure is only temporary. I’m fine, I’m just doing what I know I should do now: observe and be present with what we are experiencing without saying anything, without trying to understand anything because the only thing that really matters is being present and being aware of what this means. Pay attention and do not get carried away by what until now seems true in three-dimensional reality… all that we dream of is already a reality that we are living. ✨🪐☀️


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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