February 24 2022

Dear family, I rarely share my personal story, but when I do it is because I know that it can help you understand your own process and this time it is so that you do not lose faith and continue to trust that there is a divine plan behind all this. As most of you already know, my own process began in the early morning of March 22, 2017 (from August 8, 2016 to March 21/22, 2017 there was a collective alignment that’s why I referred to those dates in the previous post ) at 2:22 am when I woke up from a dream in which I saw a person – that I had never seen – and to whom I said: «I knew that sooner or later I was going to find you». She was sitting at a table outside a cafe-restaurant talking to another woman whom I didn’t recognize either because I could only see her from behind, it was around noon and I was very aware of all the details I could see. She answered «me too» and that caused me to become aware in the «dream» that it was not a dream like any other because she had answered me in English. I started walking down the street wondering “where am I?” and two or three blocks later I found myself in the corner of a very large avenue, I looked both ways and in a building I would saw a United States flag and I answered to myself “it is downtown Los Angeles” (I have never been to Los Angeles, in fact I have never been to the US). At that moment I woke up and everything was spinning, my heart was beating as if it was to pop out of my chest and I could feel two beats at the same time instead of just one; my whole body was shaking and vibrating and I thought it was a panic attack (keep in mind that I didn’t know or understand anything that I know and understand now almost 5 years later). The first thing I did was grab my cell phone to see the time, it was 2:22. 🪐🪐🪐

In some videos and other texts that I have posted before, I have shared some details of this story and how that connection pushed me to learn things that I would never have imagined could be real. I had to find a way to cope without ending up in a psychiatric hospital because it seemed so extraordinary and so hard to believe that more than a couple of times I thought I had a mental disorder and needed professional help. I’m not exaggerating, I did think at first that I was going crazy and that what I had was a pathological obsession with that person even though I didn’t understand how it could have happened because I didn’t even know she existed before that «dream». I went to the psychiatrist a couple of times to make it stop with some medication because I felt that I was living two lives at the same time, hers and mine, and after trying to find a logical explanation for what was happening to me I had realized that I could know in advance what she was going to do or say (as if I lived in her mind) and also that I felt what she was feeling; many of my past experiences made sense and I discovered that several of my recurring dreams were actually places and situations she had been to but I had not. In addition, I started having dreams that later turned out to be premonitions of her future (because they invariably happen around a year later) and that I was also having remote viewing episodes (seeing for a few seconds what is happening elsewhere). 💖💜

In December of 2021 (yes, 4 years and 9 months later) and thanks to the other woman who was in that dream with her and who is someone I adore and for whom I also feel an unconditional love (although different) I was able to confirm that this «dream» that I always thought that the circumstances of it -the place, the time of day, the table on the street because the place was too small and the center of Los Angeles- were simply an accident, actually they weren’t because that happened exactly like that just a year before. It is not the only confirmation that I have, at least I have another 3 that are not subject to my interpretation and that I could not have manipulated either, but all of them have come in the last six months largely thanks to that other person. I can’t tell you what it meant to me to know for certain that I hadn’t been making this whole story up and that despite the difficulties involved, the connection is as real as the fact that the Sun rises every day. When I found out in December that this «dream» had not been something casual in any way, I think I laughed and cried with relief for at least two days, for a while, especially when I remembered all the times that, already cornered by the situation, I cried with despair. thinking that I would end up in a mental facility. Many times I wanted to run, other times I surrendered to what was happening without putting up any resistance, many other times I thought that everything was a fantasy of mine and I looked for all the possible ways to break the connection but after several useless (very useless) attempts I understood that you cannot break something that is not even from this world. Regardless of where and how the story ends (because I still have no communication with the person involved), the only thing I can tell you is that it is the best thing that has ever happened to me and that it is a gift from the Universe to live an experience like this. Do not lose faith, I assure you that at some point you will have the opportunity to see the puzzle that you have been putting together finished because all this that sometimes exceeds our human understanding is totally real, the only thing we have to do is pay attention to the signs and trust that the limits of what we define as «possible» are just an illusion. 💫✨💫


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